Footballer Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend and Career

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Romelu Lukaku Age – on the surface it would seem rude, but he’s actually a gentle demon But he knows how to assert himself. In life as well as in football, he has been able to establish himself by making great sacrifices.

A past life story that put him to the test: Sin As a child he experienced his family’s economic decline which he quickly redeemed a few years later by keeping a promise Which he did to himself and his mother. The son of a former Zaire soccer player, he did not enjoy a rough childhood precisely because of the lack of primary resources that would have worked to support a family like his.

Always “Football Sick, It is thanks to football that he improved his conditions again., Which belong to his parents and siblings. Watching him hit the ground running gives the feeling that Big Romelu has come a long way and a lot.

His attitude on the pitch is that of someone who knows what it means to take problems and take them as far away as possible to make them disappear. project this metaphor onto the field, That’s what Romelu does when he puts on a shirt and boots: he takes charge of the entire department by himself (by bending over) and moves the opponent who is marking him to walk (carrying as far as possible) in favor of joining that teammate Which has to go on the net.

The player we know here in Italy is one who knows how to defend, who takes away from the opponent’s marking, who many, many years ago scored many, many goals: Romelu Lukaku is the most prolific footballer of the national team Belgium And the current Inter striker.

Romelu Lukaku Age, Weight and Height

Romelu Mainama Lukaku Bolingoli was born on 13 May 1993 in Antwerp. His age is 30 years and his weight is 95 kg. His imposing physique helps him in building up plays and protecting the ball.

it’s too hard to put down, The guard on duty who has to keep him away always struggles to mark him, If it’s not in the evening, he can’t do anything, even stopping the ball is hard for him and when he has to kick he sometimes “hous”, as in football slang. goes.

if the evening of grace, all doubles wins, even those planes and nobody’s, He also proves to be a great sniper and “pulls back everything”, without even realizing it. ball, opponent and so on and so forth! In any case, in one sense or another, his weight always gives position: either the opponent or himself.


after many relationships momentary, And with the biggest Belgian fitness guru Jaliya Vandenweghe, Today he is romantically linked to Megan Jovon Ruth Peet.The 28-year-old Texan with the nom de guerre “Megan The Stallion”. One of the most famous singers in America as well as one of the most followed rappers by fans, If we only think about the number of followers who follow her on Instagram, we are in awe. They hover at over 30 million.


Lukaku before his move to Anderlecht, Rupal Boom, played in Vintam. But He stands out most in the Lierse shirt with which he has scored 121 goals in two years.

at the court of anderlecht, He will show himself as one of the most promising youngsters in Belgian footballAbove all, what to talk about is the 131 goals in less than a hundred appearances that he has scored in three years.

In 2009, he received his first call-up to the first team. And even though the debut is not the best day to remember for him due to the defeat of Standart Liège, There would be an opportunity to wear purple for the next two years. 41 goals in 98 appearances, This is the business card with which he introduces himself at Chelsea Court in England who buys it in 2011. This would also be the period in which he made his senior international debut.

Sent out on loan to gain experience at West Bromwich, returns to london to send london again to put minutes on his feet, This time it is Everton who benefits from his performances: Sold outright as he establishes himself as a great striker forever Top goalscorer in team history and the first foreigner to reach 80 goals in the Premier League before the age of 24.

anymore, In 2017 he started wearing the red of Manchester United Which costs exactly 85 million to get it. In the first season he managed to score 10 goals in his first nine matches, Became the youngest player to reach 100 goals in the English league. If things start to go well on the pitch, he will also have to deal with Ibrahimovic in the locker room, who will make life difficult for him.

Solskjaer arrived The Belgian striker has decided the time has come to ask for a transfer, in Milan in the meantime Antonio Conte awaits him with open arms, First Year, That is, in 2019, The season is excellent from the point of view of attainmentscores 34 goals, but with disappointing results: Lost in the Europa League final against Sevilla and failed to win the Scudetto in the league.

On the other hand, the second year is more fortunate in Nirozuro: Thanks to Lautaro Martinez for his goals and his banks He wins the Scudetto which breaks the long hegemony of Juventus.

After winning the Scudetto and Conte’s departure, he apparently requests a transfer to return to Chelsea, London will have a disastrous year for that, that’s all In July this year, he was sent back to Inter on loan., with inter struggles firstBut In recent months he has found the right form and inspiration, He He Then Lead Inter to play in the Champions League final Against Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

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