For a bacterium!Woman goes on holiday only to have her hands and feet amputated

Luz Marina Contreras, a Colombian woman in her 50s, vacationed with her family in Lisbon, Portugal, in June to see Our Lady of Fatima. Her story is full of pain, but also of resilience.

Two days before reaching her goal, the woman fell ill and doctors explained that she was suffering from toxic shock syndrome caused by a bacterium called Streptococcus pyogenes.

This bacterium is common but can cause serious illness. On the skin, it produces impetigo, cellulite, and at a deeper level, necrotizing fasciitis, which releases tissue-destroying toxins.

Luz Marriner’s case, caused by shock caused by bacteria, is currently being treated by professionals in Europe and required amputation. It’s not clear when, how or where he acquired the bacteria. Known medical reports are limited to diagnoses.

Luz Marina was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with all organ failure. Subsequently, her extremities died, and although doctors tried to restore her through treatment, this was impossible.

Luz Marina’s daughter Lina posted an update on her mother’s condition on Instagram. She even posted a video in which Luz Marina thanked “everyone who cared about my health” at the hospital.

Luz Marina had both legs amputated last week and her daughter confirmed that both of her hands will be operated on on August 16 as her tissues have been severely affected.

In the video, Luz Marina said that she is still hospitalized in Santa Maria Hospital, has been recovering from the amputation of both legs for more than a month and a half, and “there is no way to save” her hands, so today she will undergo new operations. He called on people to pray for her. The family has also opened a bank account so that those who wish can donate and help pay for the Colombian’s illness.

Information from: El Universal

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