For fear of coronavirus, assaulting nurses in Guadalajara


At least six nurses have been assaulted, and discriminated against in Guadalajara for people who think that they can get Covid-19, so that the inter-agency Committee of Nurses of Jalisco has requested the intervention of the authorities.

Edith Mujica Chavez, executive president of this commission, explained that the assaults ranging from being refused service of public or private transport up to direct attacks.

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“We understand that citizenship is nervous about the situation, but the mere fact that we see with even some of my peers don’t allow them to get on the truck and if you raise the people is withdrawn from them; to some companions have not allowed you to go up to the truck or even have decreased, in fact, a colleague gave her a bath with water with chlorine,” he explained.

This last incident occurred in the colony Oblates, near the clinic 110 IMSS, where the end of last week the first death was recorded in Jalisco a person who is infected with Covid-19.

“We are to ” serve the society, we are a guild for any contingency we are close to the citizens, we are not a danger, on the contrary, we never left alone our patients because we are professionals, we have ethics,” said Mujica Chavez.

Last Friday, the Commission sent a memorandum to the state governor, Enrique Alfaro, and the secretary of health in the entity, Fernando Petersen, in the seeking its intervention to curb this situation.

“According to the gender perspective of the 85% staff nurse we are women, we must maintain our mental health and to share information for you to know that nursing is not we are enemies of the society (…) we Reiterate a call to the population so that they know that nursing is making efforts and sacrifices to help others, knowing that you have a great respect for our guild, we ask for your unconditional support for the government and health institutions to comply with their obligation to protect the nurses.”, according to the document, which was received Friday by the Secretariat of Health and the private secretary of the governor.

Mujica, Chavez said that in particular what they expect from the president and the secretary of Health is made regarding these cases and call to the citizenry to respect and support nurses in the state.

In the office is also requested to ensure that nurses have at all times with the necessary inputs to face the pandemic and although the president of the Commission acknowledged that in hospitals administered by the government of Jalisco there are no problems in this regard, said that in the IMSS and the ISSSTE, there are many shortcomings of the basic material.

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