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J Balvin is having a sweet moment when it comes to sneakers.He recently showed off his new Nike Air Jordan 3 Medellín Sunset and even He met Michael Jordan himself In the final NASCAR race.

for colombian artists Air Jordan 3 Medellin Sunset, Inspired by his hometown, this is the best sneaker he has ever designed with Jordan Brand.

“I want people to feel like they’re wearing Prada,” J Balvin said in an interview with Complex Sneakers. “But they’re wearing Jordans, J Balvin collaborations — Jordans, Air Jordans, Air Balvin. So everything is super clean, all black or all khaki, simple but solid.”

“It’s really crazy, Because as a Latino I love promoting our culture, We made a lot of changes,” he noted.

The shoes will be On sale September 23rd for $250, Available on Nike’s official website and select retail stores.

Nike Air Jordan 3 Medellin Sunset

this Air Jordan 3 Medellin Sunset They’re predominantly off-white with light brown accents, accompanied by an elephant-skin-style all-grey-beige overlay.

its seams and lace eyelets They are yellow.

The back cover shows a purple to yellow gradient, Follow the colors of the Medellin sunset, That’s the name of the shoe.

Nike Air Jordan 3 Medellin Sunset

On the back is the logo Nike Air and J Balvin. In the template, Michael Jordan’s Flyers.

“My energy goes to my city. “For me, the sunset always reminds me that a new opportunity is coming the next day,” J Balvin told Complex Sneakers. “I’m telling the story of my city, Medellín. It’s like we’re going through the most difficult times and then we turn that energy into something positive. “

“Do you think these are your best shoes to date?” they asked from Complex Sneakers. “Yeah, of course, because it’s The perfect balance between my DNA and Jordan’s DNA. “

J. Balvin met the legendary NBA star last weekend, who gave him a warm hug. Regarding His Majesty the King, Colombians said: “He’s a great guy, man. “He’s the GOAT. ” The greatest of all time.

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