For showing breasts are not able to get to baseball stadiums – The Daily Tribune


HOUSTON (EE. UU.) (EFE). Two women have been banned indefinitely in the fields of the Major Leagues to have a show during the fifth game of the World Series that competed for the Nacionals de Washington against the Houston Astros. The two women located in the seats behind the plate that showed their breasts received the official notification via a letter of expulsion from the stadiums of the biggest.

The Major Leagues sent a letter to the women shortly after his display on Sunday night, but until yesterday it was not known the decision in a formal way.

The two women suspended were identified through the social networks such as Julia Rose and Lauren Summer, both very popular on Instagram.

Rose and Summer rose t-shirt which wore and showed off their breasts and were exposed to the pitcher, star of Stars, Gerrit Cole, who was preparing to face the first base of the Nacionals, Ryn Zimmerman in the seventh inning of the game that the team from Houston won 7-1 in the National Park of Washington.

The women were standing in the second row, slightly to the side of the first base to behind the plate. His stunt was captured live on Fox by a chamber of the central garden.

Cole came out of the mound, but it is not clear if he saw the women.