For the children of Mark Wahlberg there is no celebrity more important than Kanye West and his wife


There are many famous Hollywood that has to deal with the fact that their own children not to see them as superstars and come to the worship of colleagues or other figures of the show. Such was the case of Mark Wahlberg, who revealed that his two sons had a fun confusion when he promised them that “someone very important” I would go to your home.

Yet it is not clear why, but the guys thought that it was nothing less than Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian. “I told the children that someone very important was going to come home… after a while it appears my wife and I says: ‘I have to talk to you right now’. Pulls Me out and I espeta: ‘why did you come to dine Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?’. I don’t understand anything of what I was commenting on,” said Mark in the middle of laughter during the show of Ellen DeGeneres.

Away completely from the reality, the surprise that had Mark was the arrival of a little dog called Champ and his integration into the family composed also by Grace, Ella, Michael and Brendan. “Rhea told me that Brendan and Grace had told him that, if it really was someone important, literally had to be Kim and Kanye. And I answered no, that he had brought a puppy. And on top she goes and gets angry because it had not asked for opinion before you choose the dog”, added.

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