For The Sake Of The Future, These Tips In The Selection Of The Insurance, The Education Of The Child The Best


The education of children was one of the most important part in the position of the future of the child. Through education, parents can make the children equipped to achieve the dreams and the life with the better. Therefore, the choice of a child to his training should not be arbitrary.

The problem is, education is one of the components, the effort is relatively large. In fact, it is no secret, if the cost of education is increasing every year. Based on data from the Central bureau of Statistics to 2018, the cost of education each year goes up 10%.

The parents would, wherever possible, the costs for the education of children from an early age. How can the insurance training.

Insurance training can prepare a solution, the best school for the child. Special insurance, which is scattered more. But, as a parent, you need to know the type-the type of the insurance, the training, so that you do not choose the wrong insurance.

Quoted from Duwitmu, here are some tips-tips on choosing insurance education is what you can do.

Enter the amount of funds, the formation of

You need to determine the amount of financial resources needed to send children to higher education. In this step, the first step before selecting the best insurance for the child. The determination of the amount of funds that is to be expected that a shortage of funds for children in training.

You understand the risks of insurance education

The second step, as a parent, you need to learn the insurance risk-education from the very beginning. This understanding is necessary so that you do not accidentally, or stuck in the selection of an insurance training. For example, if you select insurance Form of investment, the risk that is accepted is more than the insurance of the Foundation for education.

To know to get the product in detail

Almost all of the companies offered insurance provider of the education and training on a diverse range of products. The difference in the products is usually to existing features in the product. Therefore, before the selection of the insurance product education, you have to know the product in detail, both advantages and disadvantages.

At least there are two types of insurance services education. First of all, the insurance unit link. This type of insurance includes investment functions, so that in addition, you use the insurance, you also get the benefits of investment. This type of insurance is a bigger risk than other types.

Secondly, the insurance, the Fund for educational benefit, for sure. This type of insurance, non-investment functions, which is a small risk. If you have this insurance, you will get the amount of money in accordance with the proposal of the insurance.

Both types of insurance, such education certainly has positive and negative sides. Therefore, parents are obliged to learn the details of the insurance products, the no one choose the upbringing of the child, so that.

Find out the fees

Also, the parents must find out the fee from the insurance provider. This is because each type of insurance, the last have a scheme that cost different. For example, the cost of the insurance education and training type of the unit link in General, each year, due to the cost of the insurance paid to investment increases with the cutting tool. This piece will be even greater as time goes on.

It is different in the case of insurance education and training Fund benefits uncertain. You only have to pay a premium every month or year to saving and the amount was as in the application indicated a proposal from the insurance.

Adaptation to the needs of the

Insurance child the education that you choose should be in accordance with the needs. This means that all facilities or service, the product was sufficient and meet the educational needs of the children in the future.

Such an adaptation to succeed, if you prepare a question of the needs of the education fund, with the true and correct. Calculate carefully and meticulously in advance. After that, you have to compare insurance products, the appropriate education for the children to choose from.