Forced Itself, Huawei Is Preparing Google Search Engine Replacement


EXACTLY.CO., In a trade war with the United States, Huawei was forced to start the app and replace its services Google. A thing feels, is the loss of the services of Google in your Huawei device.

The company has not even tried so of the search engine giant, it is by search Huawei. But the replacement for Huawei search is not without worries and obstacles. Since most of the Android users looking more familiar with the Google.

It should be recognized, however, that the service of Google search do more than just search. Google also includes various interesting features such as Google Assistant, lens, and others. Recently, many owners of mobile phone Huawei official is no longer able to access any of the services, the Google.

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Quote from Slash Gear, Thursday (2/3), Huawei has already asked users in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the app test search new still in its development. The company even offers a APK sideloading the app to work seems to be on mobile Huawei latest.

Do you still remember in the development phase, Huawei search can only be the results of a simple search and related features such as weather, units conversion, and a news show.

Unfortunately, Huawei does not show too clearly what the advantages of the machine behind them. On the contrary, the fear is that this could be a security threat for the user is part of more widespread.