Ford Fusion Active caught in spy photos

Spy photos revealed that Ford is working on a mysterious new SUV. Apparently, it is the Fusion Active.

Very close to the oval brand’s Dearborn Development Center, photographers shot in broad daylight a Mysterious new fully camouflaged SUV. Everything seems to indicate that it is the Ford Fusion Active.

That said, the fully camouflaged prototype revealed a coarse mesh grille flanked by huge headlights and a relatively flat hood, along with a large front overhang.

A little further back are the recessed door handles with a flowing beltline. It also has a sloping roof, a pronounced shoulder line and an aerodynamic bodywork.

Ford Fusion Active

Ford Fusion Active

Future crossover: in detail

Focusing on its rear, the prototype has a prominent spoiler and a single exhaust tip. In the same way, it incorporates some new temporary lights and an angular window.

Although the model looks large, it is expected to be a little smaller than the Ford Explorer. However, it can be wide enough as if to incorporate a seat in the third row.

In fact, photographers believe that it could be the reborn Ford Fusion / Mondeo with a crossover body and designed to appeal to the US market. What’s more, they found various similarities with the Evos models of Chinese origin.

Ford Fusion Active

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