Forever Young: Do You Know How Old Your Body Is?

Stress, bad habits, and pollutants can speed up aging…we show you how to reverse the damage.

Emerald Bastidas
• 9/5/23

So what about the knees, what about gastritis, it’s a new ailment. The problem is, bad habits make our bodies feel like we’re 60, while our souls are stuck in our 20s. What’s the matter? Well, even though you’re in your 60s, your body is in your 90s, and you feel excited.ohLearn how to know your body’s biological age!

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This phenomenon is due to the fact that physical age often does not match biological age, and the secret lies in the telomeres.

What are telomeres?

Telomeres are special DNA sequence which are extreme
Chromosomes are also responsible for protecting the quality of the cell and genetic information.they are responsible regeneration our cell. Its length tells us about health and life expectancy, but if it gets smaller, it’s a sign that you’re getting older.

How to know the biological age of your body?

It’s quite normal for something like this to happen every year. telomere shortened, but factors such as pressure and Pollutants They increased the production rate to a thousand pieces per hour.Stress fills our bodies with cortisol, This hormone keeps us energized to face danger, but when we live with too much of it, cells start to oxidize.

Also, if produced in large quantities, hormone production is also reduced.
Sex (estrogen and testosterone), responsible for making you want to cooperate, have energy, spirit, vitality and bone vitality.

add to this Pollutants you as
Xenoestrogens are molecules that cause hormonal and metabolic imbalances.these are in manufactured foodclothes, toys, filter solarwrapper and container plastic Used in food, certain contraceptives, etc.

along with combination of pollutants and pressure Sure you’ll be tired all the time, you’ll have little focus, creativity, energy, sexual desirea feeling of hopelessness, brain fog and very, very worn and dry skin.

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If you want to understand your body’s biological age before you get a full picture of how to reverse the damage, in my office I’ve done different studies to find out and I’ve also done over 50 biohacking treatments to improve the look and feel .

Can telomeres be regenerated?


Some foods help maintain telomerase levels, such as those rich in Vitamin C (citrus fruits, nuts and seeds, and green leafy vegetables) and Omega 3 (Salmon, fish, seeds and nuts.

this Vitamin D This is also basic, but for it to happen, one has to Sunlightideal for walking or exercising outdoors.

charge the battery

Visible body wear and tear that prevents you from absorbing the right vitamins for your body
The organism works well and the solution is vitamin formula vein (New Delhi) nourishes your cells molecularly.

Always Zen, Never InZen

deal with pressure It’s not easy, especially when you’ve been with him for a long time.To lower the two stripes, besides receiving psychotherapy or acting mindfulness practice, you can enhance the microbiome in the stomach, which houses a neural network that regulates our emotional state. In addition, there is light and sound wave therapy to help relax the nervous system.

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mother cell

Circulating in the blood millions of mother cell (new cells)
in our body, allowing regenerates all organs and fabric
damaged.The best thing is, the replicating cells no longer have telomeres

healthy habits

Sleeping for at least 6 hours is good for producing melatonin“Hormones
“Sleep” can increase the production of telomerase and has antioxidant function,
Anti-inflammation of cells, protection of neurons, thereby preserving brain function. It also helps maintain muscle and bone mass, prevent cancer.

It goes without saying, at least 20 minutes of exercise every day strongly favored
Blood circulation, toxins and fats are eliminated.

if we take care of these 5 Pillars of Healthwe will be able to reverse the telomere damage,
maintain their size and even lengthen them, giving us happiness, energy, health and
Many more years of quality living.

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