Former high-ranking Xbox praise PlayStation 5, will Not be Disappointed with the Specs!


Logo PlayStation 5. (Sony) – Albert Penello, the former leader of the Xbox praised the PlayStation 5. Also, he said, it’s a console could-game, which is very interesting.

As previously reported, both Microsoft and Sony have in common than what the specs of the game console, you later.

Xbox X-series from Microsoft, generally considered to be superior on paper, because the TFLOPs of the GPU and the CPU clock is higher in comparison to the PlayStation 5.

But different opinions by Albert Penello, a former chief of marketing for Xbox had 18 years with Microsoft.

Quotes from GameRant, Albert Penello Sony expressed has taken a smart move for the PlayStation 5.

The man comes out of the Microsoft summer of last year, this was not to feel disappointed by the numbers-Video from the PlayStation 5.

Albert Penello predict Sony could dollars to a console, this game at the price of 399 US. He also praised that the PlayStation 5, it will be very interesting, at this price.

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox series X. (
PlayStation 5 vs Xbox series X. (

Former high-ranking Xbox-this is not the only important people in the gaming industry, praised the specifications of the PlayStation 5 the.

Kurt Margenau, co-game director of The Last of Us 2 mention that the PlayStation 5 is a big leap in his career.

Billy Khan delaku developer DOOM Eternal reacted positively to the new game console is. This, too, will learn a good news from Sony from the mistakes of the PlayStation 3.

As is known, the PlayStation 3, many of the complaints developers is very difficult for the game to develop. Since Sony changed to PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 5 will be the success of the PlayStation 4 will follow? Or Xbox X-series is on the throne of the games console?