Former NBA player Terrence Williams sentenced to 10 years in prison

Former NBA player Terrence Williamswho is now 36 years old, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for fraudidentity theft e fraud millionaire and welfare plan leagues, system medical insurance for former NBA athletes.

Fraud, which the court assessed additionally $5 millioncheated from 2017 to 2021. They were 18 former NBA players under investigationincluding Glen Davis (Celtics, Clippers), Sebastian Telfire and Jamario Moon, of whom 13 pleaded guilty at trial.

Williams was also ordered to pay $2.5 million in compensation In a social security institution, a former NBA player was recognizedscam mastermind and recruiter former athletes and professionals condoning realization.

The investigation involved 18 former players: Terrence Williams, Alan Anderson, Tony Allen with wife Desiree Allen, former Lakers player Shannon Brown, William Bynum, Glen Davis, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Melvin Ely, Jamario Moon, Darius Miles, Milton Palacio . , Reuben Patterson, Eddie Robinson, Gregory Smith, Sebastian Telfair, CJ Watson, Antoine Wright and Anthony Rothen. In court at the announcement of the verdict Terrence Williams acknowledged his responsibilitydictated”greed and stupidity… I take a million percent responsibility for what I did in this scam“.

18 players were in the center”extended system“, which was intended to fool the NBA’s Health and Welfare benefit plan by presenting “false and fraudulent claims“, then to demand a little preimbursement of medical expenses that were never incurred. According to investigators, the scam lasted from 2017 to 2020; $2.5 million in reimbursement of medical expenses.

At the head of the system is a former Nets and Rockets player. Terrence Williams, defined as the “organizer” of the fraud. Williams would later receive the money in the form of bribes money for 230 thousand dollars after 3 years “by at least 10” among former involved players. Among the disputed medical expenses for some will be more than $19,000. chiropractic sessions like never before, for which Williams will receive over $7,000 in compensation. The same methods that Davis, CJ Watson and Antoine Wright would also receive compensation for, which Terrence Williams would provide false medical prescriptions. According to investigators, the suspects set up a system for making fake medical prescriptions that Williams filled out and delivered. by mail to alleged accomplices. During the investigation, documents were found”full of grammatical errors, with formatting errors and no heading“.

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