Former olympic athlete mexican judo gives positive to the disease COVID-19


Through social networks, it was announced that the former athlete mexican high-performance, Vanessa Zambotti, tested positive to an infection of coronavirus.

It was the same athlete who he shared the news through his official Twitter, where he said that since three weeks ago began its isolation if it is suspected to be a carrier of the disease COVID-19.

He assured that after receiving the results “I feel good, I’m quiet and at home; no major symptoms, nothing more than fever and malaise”. Also said to have support close to their lives, both familial and occupational, as well as friends or friends who do not leave it alone.

On the other hand, Zambotti asked the health authorities of Mexico to attend to his call to give evidence of their infection. Secured via a tweet that had no success when trying to communicate to the lines of attention to the COVID-19, as apparently “it is only to register new cases”.

In the last tweet he made about the topic, you can see the gif of a fight for a free style where you drafted an apology to give to understand that defeat the disease at any cost. “My Randori With the Coronavirus 19… and this goes for the Ippon”, wrote the mexican.

Through social networks received more than 400 comments in which fans of his career as an athlete, other athletes, journalists, means of communication, and the guild of the olympic sports in Mexico they sent their best wishes in one of its most important battles.

Vanessa Zambotti was born march 4, 1982, in Chihuahua, Mexico. As an athlete competed in the Pan american Games, Pan american Championships and in the Olympic games in Athens, Greece; Beijing, China; London, England and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In his international record, including a gold medal at the Pan american games of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; three bronze in Guadalajara, Mexico; as well as a few silver in Toronto, Canada, all in the category +78 kg.

Vanessa Zambotti retired from the sport in 2017after twelve years of training in the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sport. Now he serves as the media manager and Community manager of the Pan-american Confederation of Judo (CPJ).

Mariana Arceo, athlete with his sights set on the Olympic Games of Tokyo, it was the first mexican of the guild sports in contracting the disease during a camp in preparation in Barcelona, Spain. In addition, it was also the first mexican to recover completely from the disease.

“I want to tell all of you that do not shut down, we’re going to keep on working hard and knowing when to listen to our body”concluded Mariana Arcea in a video posted through his official portrait in Instagram.

Other mexicans linked to the sport who contracted and recovered from the disease COVID-19 were Alberto Marrero Diaz, president of Atletico San Luis, as well as Enrique Bonilla, president of the Liga MX soccer.

Up to the time are logged 6,875 patients positive to the disease caused by the coronavirus in Mexico, as well as 546 deaths. In the latest report of the ministry of Health reported that there are 13,364 cases of suspected and 28,126 more gave negative to the tests. The total number of people who have been examined in search of infection by SARS-CoV-2 increased to 48,365 in the April 17, 2020.

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