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Despite being one of the best players in the world, Lionel Messi received cruel criticism after his recent attitude Who to play with Argentinathen one former paris saint germain it crashed everything is behind debate and rodrigoalso suspension to a player Uruguay.

Jerome Rosenwho is active in paris saint germain of 2004 to 2009speaking in his medium “Rothensenflamme”, where he expressed his views Behavior of Messibut not just him, but the entire argentina national team,think “They feel superior” and “They lack class.”

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Former PSG destroys Messi

he French former football playersports commentator today, arouse be opposed to Argentina,considering yes they are champions of worldbut ‘not any which are Better in his position”not even the ‘best choice’, launches scathing comments.

they are world championsbut No yes best team international.Today there are world champions and i congratulate you that’s why.but they are Far become top in their Position.However, as for its Behavioryes attack first to others. start By the team’s star Leo Messihe commented.

Roten believe Messi ‘already Don’t keep appearances” It shows itself as it is, because after being “protected’ So long, today sample his Authentic personality.

forward have image one of cute boybut now it has changed because it true personality is being exposed and they caught him. Today you can’t even touch it anymore.only when he gets hit same comment What he did to Rodrigo: “I am the world champion”.it reflects Argentinehe feel superior to another person. they could be more eleganthe commented.

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a big part husbandyes Argentinian or not, defend ‘Do your best’ against Messi, but another department Judge go through as its behavior inside and go out Coming from out of town; which side are you from?

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