Former triage room, now a successful clinic

Laceba, Atlantis – A local facility that was being used as a triage center during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic will be closed after a significant drop in virus cases in the city and across the country, but in compliance with one of its life goals of risk management and the Secretary of State for the Office of National Emergency Response to make it a hospital care clinic.

The health center, now colloquially known as “La Clínica de Copeco”, is visited by dozens of people every day, with faith, hope and a desire to cure their diseases, seeking medical care of different specialties in the company of quality and passionate medical staff. Medical help is located in UK neighbourhoods.

Minister Darío García and his local administrative and medical staff have invested heavily in the budget but ensured that the health and services are to the great satisfaction of the community, preconditioning an average of one hundred people a day since October 2021, The premises became part of the Secretary of State.

Notably, paramedics and medical staff handle cases of bronchitis, pneumonia, diarrhea, dehydration, COVID-19, flu, dengue, diabetes, hypertensive emergencies, and many other ailments that low-income people seek. The care provided by the town clinic, which has treated approximately 14,875 patients this year alone, has helped address this problem.

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