Formia / From Nomads concert to TV talent show: Camilla Pandozzi, 14, and her “faithful” music (VIDEO)

FORMIA – Would you like to be a translator? “Sweet Dreams” door Eurythmics you hate “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houstonbut in her contralto voice, with the addition of a mezzo-soprano, there is all the determination to achieve world and enduring success. Camille Pandozzi is fourteen years old. she is “a lioness with Scorpio rising and the Moon in Taurus”, she looks to America of pop stars who, she muses, at her age on another continent, may already be recognized stars, being a country where the possibilities are a thousand more – and the desire to live his “very faithful” music.

She grew up in Formia with a passion passed down to her by her mother and immersed in in the rhythms of the eighties and nineties which are still among his absolute favorites. At the age of seven, he begins to study piano and singing; for a couple of years – self-taught – learning to play the guitar and ukulele. Soon he would also like to start with cello and bass.

Among his myths Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Billie Eilish and give thanks every day music for “rescuing” her from her teenage weaknesses: despite her young age, Camille unfortunately soon encountered the ugliness of some people and – strong shoulders and music in her heart – it was seven notes that allowed her to react and take her life into her own hands.

At the age of only twelve he wrote Mirror Reflection. – and today, – he confesses to us, – listening, he again thinks that this is “ugly”, because he finds his letter and composition already very mature and therefore different; but this song along with the next one “Trails” (until she wrote and published six of them!) introduced her to the world of online music, which earned her her first big response from the public.

They start to arrive various proposals from the world of recordingbut only in February of this year – 2023 – comes one of Milanese record company “Orangle Records” who offers her a contract that suits her, and the “game” becomes even more serious.

Camilla’s days are clearly full of music-related commitments, including school, as she attends musical high school “Agostino Nifo” Sessa Aurunca (Ce) and is a member of his choir with the Mozart Orchestra of the Institute.

Despite all this, Camilla, which some invetibaile refuse (“like an air conditioner that is very dangerous for the voice!”), Doesn’t weigh. considering that the main goal for her is music – she does not forget that she is fourteen years old: first of all, because there are parents to constantly ask her if the burden of obligations is excessive (and her stubbornness and passion make her sometimes even sullenly respond to these indispensable assurances!) and because she finds time have fun with friends – his inseparable Gabriele, Lorenzo and Federica; become Miss freshman and grab your surfboard and tower over the waves on windy days.

Yes, because Camille, who hopes to become a musical celebrity by using only her first name or choosing a more exotic or special last name, “it works!” – she is also a professional windsurfer and children’s instructor.

Lightly gliding through salt water for her shouldn’t be much different than how her voice affects the mood that runs through her and heran audience for which he sings, for whom he cares very much and with whom he tries to maintain relationships through social networks (Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube).

This is not the case when the videos with which he launches his singles are filmed in his Formia: for Camilla, this is a tribute to her land, her first public, the beauty of nature, which in these parts – in the Gulf of Gaeta – has acquired intoxicating features.

“I would like my city to be a success with me, to be known even more,” says Camilla.

So for now sings in Italian, English and vaguely “Andalusian” Spanish but extremely natural, which can be explained by some recently discovered paternal pedigrees, which also give her a pinch of gypsy charm, Camille sings, plays and has been dancing for some time.

It starts in September take hip hop lessonswill probably change the color of her braids, the result of eight long hours of brushing, but this is a style she likes and she wants to take care of him more and more, keeping in mind – even in clothes – always a very “steady” mood. .

I am a committed animal and environmental advocate; I am a vegetarian. I have dogs, cats and two turtles that I don’t keep at home because I want them to be comfortable and in the perfect environment for them!” – says Camilla, who with the same naturalness passes then – answering a specific question – to remember how it was at the opening of the concert in Nomadi in Novellare on June 3rd last year.

“There were about 20 thousand people, I sang”Time‘ AND ‘#LoveAnd I didn’t feel any embarrassment…”

Why making music means everything to Camilla and there are no emotions that can upset her. With a microphone in hand, she feels at ease and tries so hard that she moved on to the next stage of training. television program “Coach”, a talent show broadcast on the TV channel “7 Gold”.

“It is difficult for me to express my emotions in words, I am more willing to speak music and I am satisfied with the path that I am going; I understand be happy to always have the support of my parentswho are always with me, whom I listen to – as well as all those who can give me advice or teach me something – but to whom I then say: let me shake my head!“”.

Camille, are you happy? I ask her at some point.

Yes, but happiness is something you can always work on.“. A the answer that has all fourteen from Camilla Pandozzi: realizing the good depth of the mind, striving to protect yourself from those who have already suffered and realize a big dream that makes her believe that happiness is always one step ahead.

What happiness in a beautiful promise he made some time ago to one of his best friends: when withWill a very famous singer be able to give a concert with millions of viewers, will he take him to the stage at the opening of one of their shows for give a speech on LGBTQIA+ rights and remind the whole world together how important it is let people be free to love whoever they want.

Meanwhile appointment in September with the launch new single “Exstasy”!

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