Formula 1, Ferrari precedents at the Dutch Grand Prix. The Reds won 25% of the races at Zandvoort, but all in a different era.

Formula 1 powertrains will ignite again in NetherlandsWhere Dutch Grand Prix. The appointment is in ferrari your reference group. On the other hand, the Prancing Horse won 25% races on the track Zandvoort. However, all the successes came on the old configuration (used from 1952 to 1985), and on the new track they are still waiting for a triumph.

The first two statements refer to 1952 and etc. 1953. There was no history in those years, as the Scuderia di Maranello dominated everywhere. Seventy-one years ago, even a hat-trick comes, Alberto Ascari he gets in front of Nino Farina and Luigi Villoresi, who finish fourth in the classification two laps away! Even twelve months after the creation Drake they could monopolize the podium, always with the same three drivers, but a problem with the accelerator forced Villoresi to retire. So the first place of Askari and the second place of Farina are repeated “only”.

Dutch Grand Prix 1961 coincides with the opening Wolfgang von Trips, who started from pole position and remained in the lead from start to finish. This is a completely unexpected victory, both because the German has so far been unsuccessful, and because on paper he is considered the third rider of the Reds. Conversely, with this success Taffy it turns out he raised the bar from the past by applying for victory in the World Cup, but a few months later he tragically died in Monza.

Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix 2023: when is the next race? Schedule, program and TV. It will take place in Zandvoort on 27 August.

It was a decade before I saw Ferrari win at Zandvoort again. Company succeeds Jacky X V 1971, during the edition, characterized by constant drizzle. The Belgian beat BRM Pedro Rodriguez after a great bout.

This is followed by two statements signed Niki Lauda. V 1974 the Austrian and the Prancing Horse dominate, making a peremptory double (Clay Regazzoni boasts an honorable place). V 1977However, the crowns are the first to pass under the checkered flag at the end of the fight against Ligier Jacques Laffite.

1982 this year Didier Pironi, which has to compete with Renaults. However, when the Régie cars left the scene, the road to success opened up for transalpinists. Unfortunately, this will be the last time. Just over a month later at Hockenheim, the Frenchman would hurt his leg, have to give up his world title and see his career ruined.

Finally, exactly 40 years have passed since the last triumph of the Scuderia from Maranello. what from 1983 this is the famous edition of the error of Alain Prost, who makes a very rare error in judgment when trying to overtake Nelson Piquet at the Tarzan corner. Professor that day, he does not live up to his nickname and “succeeds” by ramming the Brazilian. So red René Arnoux and Patrick Tambey find a shotgun on a silver platter.

In the key of a Ferrari 1979as he gives life to one of the most symbolic episodes of the epic Gilles Villeneuve. The Canadian is humiliated by the victory over Alan Jones’ Williams, but he exaggerates; falls into a tailspin and irreparably damages his car. However, he continues to move forward, despite the broken rear suspension and dangling wheel! This incident is still a manifesto of the agonistic failure of one of the most beloved drivers of all time.


2 Alberto Ascari (1952, 1953)
2 Niki Lauda (1974, 2017)
1 Wolfgang von Trips (1961)
1 Jacky X (1971)
1 Didier Pironi (1982)
1 René Arnoux (1983)

2 Alberto Ascari (1952, 1953)
2 Niki Lauda (1974, 1975)
1 Phil Hill (1961)
1 Chris Amon (1968)
1 Jacky X (1971)

2 Jacky X (1970, 1971)
2 Niki Lauda (1975, 1977)
2 René Arnoux (1983, 1984)
1 Alberto Ascari (1952)
1 Luigi Villoresi (1953)
1. Clay Regazzoni (1976)
1 Gilles Villeneuve (1979)

Podiums: 25
1952 A. Askari (1st), N. Farina (2nd), L. Villoresi (3rd)
1953 Alberto Ascari (1st), Nino Farina (2nd)
1961 Wolfgang von Trips (1st), Phil Hill (2nd)
1962 Phil Hill (3rd overall)
1963 John Surtees (3rd)
1964 John Surtees (2nd)
1969 Chris Amon (3rd)
1970 Jacky X (3rd)
1971 Jacky X (1st), Clay Regazzoni (3rd)
1974 Niki Lauda (1st), Clay Regazzoni (2nd)
1975 Niki Lauda (2nd), Clay Regazzoni (3rd)
1976 Clay Regazzoni (2nd)
1977 Niki Lauda (1st)
1979 Jody Schecter (2nd)
1982 Didier Pironi (1st)
1983 René Arnoux (1st), Patrick Tambay (2nd)
2022 Charles Leclerc (3rd)


2021 (FERRARI) – 5th place
2022 (FERRARI) – 3rd place

Carlos Sainz Jr.
2021 (FERRARI) – 7th place
2022 (FERRARI) – 8th place

Photo: La Press

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