Formula 1, the most iconic victories at the Monza Grand Prix

From black and white victories to victories of the new millennium. Monza Grand Prix there was a scene recent victories, symbolic triumphs, quarrels between teammates and espionage. Even the edition 2023 can allocate its place in the register write down: Hamilton can overtake Schumacher for a sixth victory at Monza, Verstappen can win his tenth consecutive victory, and Ferrari can become the first team to score twenty victories at the same track.

Who knows if the 2023 Monza Grand Prix will be part of that list in the future…

Monza Grand Prix, the last for Rubens Barrichello

year 2009 it’s a year of unexpected surprise Brown GP. Barrichello he took advantage of this and gave himself the last triumph of his career at his second home, Monza. He already won with Ferrari in 2002 and 2004, but the 2009 victory is even more significant: “I will do my best to win the world championship” – he said after the triumph.

However, this victory in Monza was the last for many: it is the last for Barrichello, Brawn GP and the Brazilian rider. To date, however, Brawn GP remains the only team to have won both drivers’ and constructors’ world championship titles on its debut, having wet the noses of sports giants such as Ferrari, Mclaren, Williams and Renault.

Monza Grand Prix, Ferrari one-two in honor of Drake

On August 14, 1988, Enzo Ferrari disappeared in Modena., but the Prancing Horse does not close in the stable. IN McLaren MP4/4 dominates the season Simple and Senna, Monza remains the territory of Ferrari. In qualifying, the front row was always monopolized by McLaren, but the race presented surprises: on lap 37, Prost retired due to a Honda engine failure, and on the penultimate lap, Senna and the lapped Schlesser collided and ended up off the track at the first chicane. Thus, Berger and Alboreto inherited a shotgun that had been missing since 1979 and looked like Drake’s gift.: “Perhaps someone from above wanted them to win,” comments Ayrton Senna.

Monza Grand Prix, Andreotti cameo and Fangio’s convoluted win

September 13 1953 The start of the Grand Prix is ​​given by the Hon. Giulio Andreotti. Race with uncertain outcome until the last lap: Alberto Ascari preceded Fangio AND Flour, but at Parabolic, the presence of two lapped riders, one of whom spun, caused a carom that knocked out Askari and caused Farina to lose ground. When the race director sees only Fangio arriving instead of three single cars, he hesitates to wave the checkered flag. The Argentine then, seeing no wave, completes the next round before being declared the winner.

Monza Grand Prix, unhealthy rivalry with Lotus

Tensions in the Lotus. Mathematics had not yet said no to world leadership in 1973. Fittipaldi on Stewart, but he needs to win to stay in the game. However, triumph is never taken for granted, especially given the tainted relationship between Brazil and Chapman. Among the reasons is also an extension of the contract.

Both teammates are also more rivals than friends. In fact, Chapman’s intervention is necessary to mediate between Fittipaldi and Peterson. It has been established that whichever of the two is in front should not be attacked. However, if Peterson was there, then 15 laps before the end of the pits, the Swede would be signaled to give way to Fittipaldi. Predictable result…

The Swede is leading the race, ahead of Fittipaldi, but the pits do not report an exchange of positions. The betrayal is done. Fittipaldi is trying to pass a teammate, but the Swede’s defense does not fail. Got out of the car Fittipaldi is furious: Stewart actually recovered from 20th place to 4th and wins the World Championship for the third time.

Monza Grand Prix 2007 McLaren Shadow One-Two

2007, McLaren vs Ferrari: A Spy Story. The industrial espionage scandal between Scuderia di Maranello and Woking, which consisted of emails and stamped papers, reached its climax in Monza. On Saturday, the top management of McLaren received as many as 7 warranty notices, 3 of which were notified in Monza by the carabinieri.

Alonso and Hamilton’s Silver Arrows score double on Sunday, while Massa retired after 10 laps with a mechanical problem and Räikkönen suffered a humiliating overtake by Hamilton. Team boss Ron Dennis burst into tears at the release, but McLaren-Mercedes has no time to celebrate: next Thursday in Paris, the team will have to answer to The FIA ​​World Council on Ferrari’s “Possession of Confidential Information”..

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