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Fortnite May Add Loki From the Marvel Universe

The Loki skin from the Marvel Comics Universe may appear in Fortnite. The developers hinted at this on social networks.

Epic Games has published a teaser showing the character’s horns. The description reads: “It looks like the Hug Mechamaster is not the only one who was able to get to the Island. A certain sly man was able to get through the portal and infiltrate the Fortnite squad. ” The developers have promised to add the skin in July 2021.

Loki won’t be the first superhero to appear in Fortnite. Previously, Epic Games brought back the Thanos skin and added Superman from the DC Comics universe. Along with Man of Steel, Rick Sanchez from the Rick and Morty comedy series became available in the battle royale.

The O2 event was previously announced for Fortnite. As part of the event, a concert of the easy life group will take place. It can be viewed on a special O2 island with the famous London stadium in the very center.

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