Fortnite will have its own Holocaust museum: Voices of the Forgotten

Fortnite it’s a video game (surprise!), but has long since become something more. In fact, it is a platform where you can experience many experiences, mainly dedicated to entertainment. Just think about the concerts of famous artists such as Ariana Grande and Travis Scott. However, Epic Games also offers something more educational from time to time. In the past, an interactive event dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. has been offered. Holocaust Museum.

developer Luc Bernarddirector of The Light in the Darkness (a game about a Jewish family in France trying to escape the Holocaust), used Epic’s tools to create a Fortnite Holocaust museum called Voices of the Forgotten.

Holocaust museum in Fortnite has been approved, but does not have a release date yet. The Jewish Chronicle published a video illustrating the museum, which can be viewed below.

Luc Bernard’s words on the Fortnite Holocaust Museum

“We are proud to be the first to bring something like this to over 400 million Fortnite players,” he said. Bernard, announcing that the museum has gone through the Epic approval process. “80% of Americans have never visited a (Holocaust) museum. So it’s a game changer.”

The museum features interactive elements and exhibits on a wide range of Holocaust-related topics, including some that Bernard says has been ignored in the past, such as Sephardic Jews in North Africa. One of the contents shared by Bernard reveals an exhibition on Abdol Hossein Sardarian Iranian ambassador who used his position to issue thousands of passports to Jews trying to flee France (in particular, Sardari made sure that passport holders did not identify them as Jews).

Making Holocaust education accessible That’s one of my goals,” Bernard said. “I also know that some organizations may not understand when they start seeing Spider-Man avatars exploring the Holocaust Museum. But it will completely change Holocaust education.” For example, Bernard explains that some school classes don’t have the opportunity to visit Holocaust museums because they don’t live in big cities, but the Fortnite Museum will change that.

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