Fortune Top 25 Authors of 2023

Much more than just influencers, I 25 authors What Fortune determined by selecting them among the very numerous profiles (which in Italy more than 350 thousand), I youtubers, streamers and marketers. The top 25 social talents included young people who managed to realize their full potential. creativity over the Internet, managing to entertain and attract a very large number of subscribers.

Top 25 authors of 2023

Among the best authors we find social media stars, comedians, philosophers, scientists, psychologists, doctors, singers, fashion and cosmetics experts. About these characters were born around 150 thousand jobs, giving life to a market that has surpassed 280 million euros investment. In Italy, as in the rest of the world, this growing sector is developing so rapidly that now more than 50% of companies in our country have activated marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing.

Who is in the top 25 authors

Top 25 Fortune include:

  • 2Person1Kitchen (374K on TikTok): First on the list compiled by Fortunethere is a duet of industry professionals food and wine, which in 2021 opened various social profiles dedicated to the culinary world. In 2022, they will rise to prominence with their format.”What if I told you this…”, during which, in a sarcastic tone, dishes frommisguided aesthetics, which, apparently, consist of completely different ingredients than those actually used. Their originality allowed him to attract the attention of the network and numerous subscribers.
  • Massimiliano Allevi (288k on TikTok): Milanese physicist who studied between pharynx And University of California at Los Angeles In California. For many years now, he has been present on various social platforms and seeks to popularize his profession and his specialization. Using simple language and easily understood by everyone, it manages to publish daily content taxation for entrepreneurs which attracted the attention of many users and allowed them to create a large online community.
  • Stephanie Andreoli (285K on Instagram): One of the most famous Italian psychotherapists specializing in adolescents, he often worked with schools and families.
  • Valeria Angione (841K on Instagram): An expert in the world of theater and entertainment, she has started to make a name for herself online by creating content that chronicles the daily life of a university student.
  • Marcellus Askani (700K on YouTube): Half YouTuber, half entrepreneur, the boy opened his first YouTube channel at age 15 and is now one of the most popular creators.
  • Federico Assini (2.3M on TikTok): Passionate about acting, he has made social media his virtual stage, offering users both light content and deeper topics.
  • Simone Berlini (6.1M on TikTok): Passionate about fashion, games, cars and sports, this guy talks about himself and his world through social media.
  • Cecilia Cantarano (3.2M on TikTok): This comedic girl is one of the most popular TikTokers in Italy. He has appeared on several television programs and created a podcast that has been a great success.
  • Aurora Horse (1.1M on TikTok): This young girl from Piedmont has managed to bring her biggest passion, cooking, to social media. After his online success, he published two cookbooks, one of which was ranked as the best-selling cookbook in Italy.
  • Roberto Celestri (372K on Instagram): He is Italy’s most popular art influencer, posting daily videos highlighting the beauty of historic buildings, churches and museums. He appears frequently on television and currently collaborates with the Vatican Museums and other important institutions.
  • Jacopo D’Alesio (2M on YouTube): In his videos, he collects unusual gadgets and visits the most fascinating places on the planet, guided by his insatiable curiosity.
  • heterobasic (226K on Instagram): The comic duo created by Maria Chiara Cicolani and Valeria De Angelis have taken social media by storm with their funny and ironic sketches in which they imitate elementary straight men.
  • Gianpiero D’Alessandro (141K on Instagram): A designer who, thanks to his online success, has begun to collaborate with some of the most important brands, so much so that Justin Bieber himself asked him to be his brand’s designer.
  • Joseph Jofre (563K on Instagram): Internationally acclaimed dancer, model, and mover, he has achieved massive success since winning Amici, walking in shows for Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, and Britney Spears.
  • HAIMIE (528K on TikTok): A group of healthcare professionals have set up a social media prevention project to share health advice.
  • Eliza Maino (5.9M on TikTok): The young beauty and fashion artist is the author of three books and has collaborated with some of the most important companies around the world.
  • Valerio Mazzei (3.1M on TikTok): Musician, comedian and author. His songs are streamed over 20 million times on Spotify.
  • David Moccia (4M on TikTok): After appearing on the second episode of the reality documentary show Il Collegio, the boy began to make himself known on social media, playing various sports, including extreme sports.
  • Andrew Nuzzo (348 on TikTok): Driven by expressed curiosity, he has become one of the most popular social media promoters.
  • Martina Socrates (1.5M on TikTok): This 24-year-old has achieved great success with her comedy videos posted on various social platforms.
  • Luciano Spinelli (7.6 million on TikTok): This guy started his career on YouTube and immediately became one of the most popular artists.
  • Adriana Spink (864K on YouTube): Cosmetics-obsessed creator who has been running a YouTube channel since 2014, publishes content about the world of beauty and makeup.
  • Samara Tramontana (1.4 million on TikTok): She started uploading videos to YouTube as a child and today, in her 20s, has a massive following.
  • Gabriel Vagnato (3.9M on TikTok): His creativity and humor have made him one of the most popular TikTokers in Italy.
  • Julia Valentina (947K on Instagram): This young social media evangelist works with Sky, where she hosts her program. Julia Valentina in the country of serials.

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