Found the cause of the accident, the risk of marijuana and alcohol – car-News


LONDON – IAM road smart presents the results of the study are amazing, recently. Non-profit organization, the English origin of the study accidents on the causes of traffic, especially for drivers.

Today’s technology is becoming more sophisticated, making the driver more comfort when driving. But behind the comfort, exposed to the dangers of a hazard for the driver and for other traffic participants. Modern cars offer an entertainment system in a vehicle of luxury, to lull in the location of the driver to be distracted from the road.

The results of the research IAM RoadSmart is showing the distance antarkendaraan increase when on the highway, up to four-to five-fold. This happens when the driver is fiddling with the infotainment system. The study noted above also that the driver divert his attention during the 16 seconds, which corresponds to a distance of 500 meters at a speed of 112 km/h.

Such a result was found when the driver was busy, play with your fingers on the screen-touch infotainment system if the vehicle. The results of the fact, heavier than send me a message via a smartphone while driving.

“A distraction to the driver, estimated to be the third factor of the accidents on Europe’s roads every year. While the previous research, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have a better performance than conventional control,” said Neil, Greg, policy and research Director, IAM, road smart.

He added that the latest technology of the infotainment system already mentioned, connects the vehicle with a smartphone raises serious concerns. The point is, it is said, that everything, that makes the driver’s eyes distracted from the road, can be the cause of the accident.

Although some car manufacturers have, is the technology of voice control, but there are still many people who don’t care, and don’t hesitate to use it. You are to use more fun to the infotainment system through your fingers.

Based on these results, the driver shows can’t keep the distance with the car in front of him on a constant basis. While fiddling with the infotainment system of the vehicle, the driver’s reaction is slower than the users of marijuana and alcohol. [Dew/idr]