Four golden rules for summer hair care

Summer hair care tips Small and simple: cover your hair with hats or scarves, use protective sprays, rinse your hair with fresh water after swimming in the sea, moisturize and nourish your hair and dry it naturally, avoiding hair dryers, irons and straighteners and prefer soft hairstyles and collected hair. .

But experts go further. Revealing new trends and tips to keep them always healthy and vibrant, from root to tip. “For those who do not appreciate styling because they go to the beach and do sports, there is an effective solution that consists in applying a treatment without rinsing, without drying or with a quick pre-drying of the hair, which is then braided: we specialize in coloring, therefore, when a client comes in for a classic makeover, after a regular shampoo and massage, we apply a specially formulated spray to protect against harmful sun rays, which does not require rinsing and does not weigh,” explains Serena Mottoy, hairdresser and founder of Moov Parrucchieri Salone D’Essai in Olbia , which reopened its doors yesterday after renovations. “Otherwise, after washing your hair, you continue the restructuring, thermal protection procedures and start styling: our youngest and most active clients tend to the first solution, therefore, braids or, in any case, collected hair. , and for those who love straight hair, a steam straightener is a must, because it allows you to tie your hair, and when you loosen it, there is no trace of an elastic band.

Otherwise, the entrepreneur from Gallura suggests: “This is the best moment for lovers of blond hair, because the hair is water-free and easier to lighten. A conditioner that detangles is not worth a mask that moisturizes and restructures, for those who do not have the patience or time, flash treatments defined as “intelligent” quickly penetrate the hair even without rest, excellent, then the trend of bandanas and scarves, which protect from the sun, and woe to forget to rinse your hair after the sea to free it from salinity.

In summer, the sun, heat, sweat and sea water can affect the beauty of the hair, especially if it is long, colored and dry. “So that they are immediately soft, bright and smooth, without the need for styling,” relaunches Nico Veccia from the atelier of the same name in Olbia, one of the top 100 Italian hairdressers, “then I recommend a restructuring treatment with aloe vera and hydrolyzed keratin.” A solution that allows you to adjust the depth of curly or wavy hair, smoothing it and getting rid of frizz for a couple of months: in short, perfect for summer. “Like a medium bob, easy to style that makes the most of natural curls. Even if the trend of 2023 is the wolf haircut, large and voluminous, wild, very fatal, which from Japan conquered even Generation Z idols such as Miley Cyrus and Billy Elish,” Vecchia assures.

“This haircut is usually accompanied by a long curtain bang, but it is versatile and suits a wide variety of faces: ideal for those who want a length just above the shoulders, but it can also be done on long hair. It is also incredibly adaptable to both straight and wavy or curly hair, and good results can be obtained with fine hair as well. The result is a voluminous hairstyle, light and bold, which is very easy to care for, ”adds the owner of the beauty salon.

“If you prefer a more classic style, the bob will never go out of style, even if it gets shorter by the fall. As for the sleek airy bob like Michelle Hunziker’s, with its upside-down bun and voluminous styling, it fights against the flat effect. But if you don’t want to say goodbye to long hair, opt for an autumn must-have: a curtain fringe,” Vekcha concludes. “It’s the easiest to wear and follows hair growth, going from bangs to buns in a matter of months.”

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