Four little-known effects of drinking coffee, especially on an empty stomach

Coffee is one of the beverages with the largest following in the world, but it’s not just about refreshing and energizing.

Coffee is more than just a drink, not only do many people rely on it to get out of bed and work throughout the day, an entire culture revolves around it. Obtained from ground coffee beans, so popular due to its stimulating properties Because it contains a lot of caffeine. However, although drinking it brings us some benefits, it should still be done in moderation. Especially since it has some drawbacks besides its well-known insomnia and anxiety.

Be careful when drinking coffee on an empty stomach

A survey was published in British Journal of Nutrition Discovered that drinking coffee first thing in the morning affects our blood sugar. Researchers found that one night of sleep deprivation did not alter blood sugar or insulin responses to breakfast. However, drinking black coffee before breakfast appears to increase blood sugar responses by 50%.So the suggestion is Let’s have breakfast first and then drink coffee.

Additionally, if you are one of those people for whom coffee makes you anxious or nervous, drinking coffee on an empty stomach can Slows down the effects of caffeine. However, fasting or not, health experts don’t recommend drinking more than three cups of coffee a day, even if you space your coffee out by a few hours. Here are the top reasons you may not know why you should be careful:

stomach problems

Coffee has a very powerful laxative effect and is aggressive to the stomach.Furthermore, coffee consumption is strongly associated with gastritis (i.e. Inflammation of the stomach wall). We may experience burning sensation, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea… If this happens to you, reduce your coffee intake.


If you drink too much coffee, you may become dehydrated.Because Caffeine is a good diuretic and causes us to lose water and fluids. Therefore, by consuming it in large quantities, you can exercise constantly in addition to sweating profusely. All of these can dehydrate you. So, if you drink coffee, remember to drink water.

Raise cholesterol

For the general population, coffee is safe and does not affect cardiovascular health or cholesterol, but it may be helpful for people who already have high cholesterol They may need to see a doctor Find out if and how much they will accept. This is because it contains cafestol and cafestol.

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