Four players and five clubs: how Boca could accelerate Benedetto’s arrival

The Xeneize advances slowly due to the return of the Pipa, something that seems more and more feasible. Here, the keys that could make your return even easier.

Darío Benedetto Boca

Day by day, in Mouth optimism grows for the return of the forward Darius Benedetto. Little by little, the Xeneize advances in the negotiations and the good predisposition both from the club and from the player’s side makes the destinations begin to approach. Beyond that – and knowing that they have yet to come to terms with Elche and Olympique de Marseille-, the truth is there are some negotiations that could accelerate the return of the pipe, although they are not conditions for their return.

These negotiations involve five clubs and four players, counting Benedetto. The players, besides the Pipa? Lisandro López, Walter Bou and Iván Marcone. The clubs, in addition to Xeneize? Xolos de Tijuana, Defense and Justice, Elche and Olympique de Marsella. The detail, in addition, is that These negotiations could lead to Boca looking to buy a part of Benedetto’s pass, instead of trying to get a loan.

Walter Bou and Lisandro López

How Boca could take advantage of the interest in Lisandro López and Walter Bou to accelerate the arrival of Benedetto

First of all, it should be mentioned that both Xolos de Tijuana and Defense and Justice are interested in adding Lisandro López and Walter Bou, respectively. In addition to this, both clubs have ties with Cristian Bragarnik, representative of Darío Benedetto.

Specifically, although they are not necessary conditions for Benedetto to return to Brandsen 805, the truth is that facilitate the transfers of the defender and the forward to Mexico and Florencio Varela would also accelerate the operation for the Pipa. For now, the interest of both clubs for the current soccer players of Mouth exists. To this must be added that López I would not frown upon a transfer that allows you to add more minutes as it seems to run from behind in considering Sebastian Battaglia, while Bou It does not seem directly to be in the plans of the DT of the Xeneize.

Ivan Marcone

A debt from Elche for Iván Marcone, another key in Boca’s negotiation for Benedetto

In the middle also appears Ivan Marcone, footballer who not only does not play anymore in Mouth but has also lately been linked to Independent, club of his loves. The truth is that the footballer was transferred from Xeneize to Elche, a club that still owes a part of its pass that would be around two million dollars. Just Elche is another of the clubs in which Cristian Bragarnik has interference.

Thus, Collecting Elche’s debt for Marcone would be a great step for Boca to negotiate directly with Olympique de Marseille, either for the charge of an assignment by Benedetto or directly to buy a percentage of his pass.

Boca, between buying from Benedetto or getting a loan

Initially, the idea of Mouth was focused on getting a loan from Darius Benedetto, be it for a year or 18 months. However, if a loan is finally obtained, This would lead to the need for Pipa to renew its contract with Olympique de Marseille. It is that it ends in June 2023 and in France they do not want to know anything with the possibility of losing him free or that he returns being able to negotiate in freedom to leave six months later.

Anyway, the aforementioned negotiations they open the door to the chance that Xeneize will seek to buy a percentage of their pass. For now, the talks between Boca and Olympique continue their course and the parties are optimisticAlthough the conditions were not defined and there will be the key to everything.

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