Fourth place debut on My Neighbor Totoro’s comeback

Lowest box office day since it hit theaters, still rich in Barbie, while receiving another 303 thousand euros and rises to 26.5 million. Second always Shark 2 – Abysswho receives 149 thousand euros and increases to 3.2 million, while Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part One collects 32 thousand euros and rises to 4.8 million. Fourth place for My Neighbor Totorofrom 29 thousand euros, Elementals he receives another 22 thousand euros and rises to 6.2 million. Debut from 19 thousand euros for Demeter: Dracula’s Awakening, and released in only thirty theaters. Indiana skips Jones and the Destiny Quadrant which stops at 16 thousand euros and almost 6.1 million. At the end comes great Last night of lovewith 9 thousand euros and 3.4 million, Ruby Gillman – “Tentacle Girl”with 5 thousand euros and 1 million and thanks to summer arenas returns to the top ten Thank you guys from 2 thousand euros and 2.6 million

They will arrive next week Worst days, Passages, blue beetle, Metallica – M72 World Tour, Your own room, Don’t look at the demon and classic Operation Three of Dragons.

It’s been a hundred days since the start of the Hollywood writers’ strike, which actors have joined for a few weeks, and while the production sector for streaming platforms has been hardest hit, even films in theaters are starting to suffer the consequences. Disney is promoting many productions: the third Avatarsscheduled for Christmas 2024 is now next year’s Christmas movie, Avengers: Kang Dynasty runs from May 2025 to May 2026, Avengers: Secret Wars makes the same route running from May 2026 to May 2027, fifth Avatars (the fourth has not yet been touched) has been moved three years, from 2028 to 2031. It is generally believed that the strike of actors and writers, extended until November, would seriously disrupt the release calendar for the second half of 2024. Recently, it was also moved to the beginning of next year. Applicantswith zendaya new Ghostbusters from Sony and Dolls for departure focus functions.

Among the films completed before the strike began, Nosferatu, Beetlejuice 2, Bad Boys 4, Captain America: New World Order, You are cordially invited AND Gorge, but since the main characters are unwilling to promote them around the world, their exit is also in jeopardy. Speaking of movies in theaters Barbie in America it reaches 485 million dollars, and by tonight will overcome the mark of 500 million.

Box office receipts in Italy, Thursday, August 10, 2023
1. Barbie: 303 373 euros
2. Shark 2 – Abyss: 149 112 euros
3. Mission: Impossible Retribution for the Dead – Part 1: 32 574 euros
4. My Neighbor Totoro: 29 219 euros
5. Elementals: 21,994 euros
6. Demeter – Dracula’s Awakening: 19,764 euros
7. Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Destiny: 16,697 euros
8. Last night of love: 9 107 euros
9. Ruby Gillman – “Tentacle Girl”: 5780 euros
10. Thank you guys: 2848 euros

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