foxy eyebrows makeup, follow the trend of the summer

When it comes to trends that are instantly followed and copied, makeup related trends are the first. especially when the objective rejuvenate face In a simple way and within everyone’s reach, to give it a fresh as well as seductive look and focus on the eyes. And if we talk about trends, we cannot fail to mention Fox eyebrows makeupCeleb-loved trend to get one see “fox” Focusing on the shape of the brows and a few little beauty tricks.

A true fashionista, adored by models of the caliber of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner Who has supported the trend since its advent and who is directly inspired by the pioneer of faux brow makeup (also known as faux eyes makeup) actress Myrna Loy, explains this super glam trend for summer And continues to show that it will never let you go unnoticed. Thank you for your twinkling eyes.

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what is fox brows makeup

But what exactly is it and what are the features to mimic this makeup trend? fox eyebrows makeup and fox version eyebrows aim to look longer formalmost as if it were picked up, But the shape of the eyebrow is going to create a sort of raised wing at both corners of the eye.

A trendy gimmick Which allows you to look up and give it a charm that mixes seduction with finesse, a distinctive feature of foxes and anyone who decides to opt for a wiggling fox eyebrows makeup. A trend worth trying if you love this super cool effect and want to change yours look beauty Before summer kicks off, follow the celebrity trend and show this new fun and seductive side of yourself that you probably didn’t even think existed.

How to make faux eyebrows

A beauty trend with a strong impact but equally simple to achieve (even given the process, it’s better to trust expert hands). When we talk about the fox-eye effect, we are actually referring to the shape of the eyebrows. Straight and stretched upwardsThe part of the upper arch of the same is made smaller, where the outermost corner of the eye is, and then going to complete the drawing with the pencil.

A method of raising the eyelids, the outer corners of the eyes, and especially the tails of the eyebrows, to bring them closer to the temporal region, thus achieving a more open and captivating look. perfect fox style,

Faux Brow Makeup for a Killer Natural Face Lift

A kind of natural look again? We can say yes, considering the raised and lengthened effect it gives to the face and gaze of those who try out this trend for killer eyebrows. but why is it better rely on expert hands,

Only therefore, to create a perfect fox eyebrows, a skillful use of bladeA fundamental step to shorten and give linearity to the brows before redesigning their silhouette.

a step that involves a shaving job About halfway up the brows and, only then, eye makeup is done with a pencil (note the colors), making them appear straight and drawn up. And your fox eyebrows makeup is ready to show off in all its beauty.

Fox Brow Makeup and Fox Eye, Two Beauty Allies to Try

An anti-aging makeup technique that does not allow you to resort to any type of intervention or retouching, but which is based solely on redefining the shape of your eyebrows and using a good pencil. But not only that.

In fact, your foxy brows may be combined with a custom makeupAlso known in the “fox” version fox eye, a type of makeup that makes lifting effect with the use of only a reciter, to apply, outlining it, in defined points such as the inner corner of the eye, the outer corner, the side of the nose and the bottom of the mouth. And thus going to illuminate the face in line with the points that give more depth to the gaze.

A sparkly makeup that lifts up the cheekbones and that, combined with your foxy brows, will guarantee you a super cool look. In other words, it is a truly unique trend, simple and smart, at least as smart as a fox.

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