“France has an incredible talent”: a little boy of 7 bursts into tears in front of Karine Le Marchand!


Karine Le Marchand was amazed by the encyclopedic knowledge of a 7-year-old boy who appeared on the program La France a un incredible talent. At the end of the evening, the latter unfortunately ended up in tears …

Karine Le Marchand is the new recruit of the show La France a un incredible talent. Hired to present the program instead of David Ginola, the presenter of L’amour est dans le pré seems to be having a good time on the set alongside the juries Hélène Ségara, Eric Antoine, Marianne James, and Sugar Sammy. But some evenings are very emotional… This Tuesday, November 24, Karine Le Marchand was amazed by the talent and knowledge of Malik, a little boy of 7 who was determined to amaze the viewers. The little geography prodigy, able to name all the capitals of the world, made a strong impression by trapping Karine Le Marchand from the start!

“So I come from a very small country. My father was from a country in Africa which is the smallest country in Africa near Rwanda”, explained the host. “Burundi”, immediately guessed the little boy. Impressed, Karine Le Marchand then asked him if he knew the capital. “Gitega”, he then launched. A false answer according to the star of the paf, who assured him that it was Bujumbura. “Well, I still know my country,” she insisted before checking and discovering that she was wrong. It was Malik who was right!

But his talents as an apprentice geographer were not enough. Because if Eric Antoine and Hélène Ségara were thrilled by the young boy, it was not the same for Marianne James and Sugar Sammy… The latter did not validate his service and Malik was rejected. Very saddened by this decision, the little boy burst into tears to the chagrin of Karine Le Marchand.