Francesco Totti and Noemi Bochi: kissing at the Vasco Rossi concert

kissing and laughing francesco totti And Naomi Bouchi At the Stadio Olimpico during a Vasco Rossi concert. during the roman leg of vasco live 2023 In fact, the historical captain of Rome is thought to have started live on instagram During which he sings Blasco’s most famous songs immortalizing himself with the singer Ultimo and, above all, his fiancee Noemi Bocchi, who kisses her lovingly, Despite numerous paparazzi snaps of the couple at the stadium and on vacation, this is the first time Francesco Totti kisses his partner publicly on social media, without paparazzi.

Between the frames of the live broadcast, the fact that the same ring of Francesco and Noemi did not escape the most attentive eyes, a clear sign of the solidity of their union after the controversial separation. ilary blaséecurrently on top of the latest version ofisland of fame, This is from the popular interview on the pages of Courier He Francesco Totti now chooses not to comment publicly on his personal life Even though it seems pretty clear that both she and Ilery Blasi are moving on with their lives. She with Noemi Bocchi and he with footballer Bastian Muller.

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