franchises boycott meals made in collaboration with Cardi B and Offset

McDonald’s franchise owners are boycotting meals made in collaboration with Cardi B and Offset, saying the rappers go against the company’s values.

Apparently the owners of the McDonald’s franchise stores they didn’t appreciate the company’s cooperation with at all Cardi B and Offset. So much so that he started boycotting the meals made in partnership with the two rappers. According to the owners, in fact, the rappers go against the company’s values.

McDonald’s and those Cardi B and Offset meals that don’t convince

McDonald's, Cardi B and Offset

It is certainly not the first time that McDonald’s has collaborated with VIPs and celebrities to create themed meals. Except that the one made with Cardi B and Offset didn’t convince the local franchises at all. The promotional disclaimer speaks of that meal as a dinner for a date night of the couple and will be released on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

But for some owners of franchised stores i lyrics and the couple’s lifestyle do not match the values ​​at all represented by the McDonald’s brand. For this reason they categorically refuse to promote these meals in their establishments.

Let’s say that with the meals made previously with other VIPs there hadn’t been so many problems: i BTS, Travis Scott and Mariah Carey they had been welcomed. On the contrary: precisely this type of meal has been the greatest marketing success in recent years.

Tariq Hassan, chief marketing officer of McDonald’s, explained that this type of meals aims to tie the fast food chain to popular culture. Collaborations with artists, in particular, have helped to rekindle fans’ love for the food of the fast food giant, relaunching it from a commercial point of view.

As for Cardi B and Offset’s meals, the heart of the promotion is to push restaurants by McDonald’s as a candidate date night destination. Gastronomic appointments, of course, what did you understand? In a press release, Offset said that McDonald’s is a perfect date night spot β€” you can get good food and have a good time, that’s all.

However, the franchised shops are not convinced: theAssociation between McDonald’s, Cardi B and Offset could alienate families. But Hassan reiterated that it will not be like this: Cardi B and Offset are an iconic couple who have been going to McDonald’s to eat in the evening for years. And that’s what he thinks customers will see.

Indeed, why should families move away? They go to eat during the day, while in the evening the place becomes a cradle of love, obviously culinary. So everyone is happy in their respective hours.


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