Francis Ford Coppola post goes viral

Spike Lee visited the set of Megapolis, Francis Ford Coppola’s last film, and the director showed him the first 30 minutes of his work. Here’s Lee’s reaction.

metropolis the director’s next and highly anticipated film Francis Ford Coppola: drama with a futuristic atmosphere with a cast of big names, the shooting of which was completed within a few months, like the same Coppola he said, deciding to reveal the behind the scenes of his latest work by opening his first Instagram account. And it was one of the last posts that appeared on his profile that became popular: in the posted frame, in fact, Coppola together with Spike Leewho watched the first 30 minutes metropolisstaying excited!

Megapolis, Spike Lee in awe of Francis Ford Coppola’s film: “Fantastic!”

Film about Coppola does not yet have an official release date: the story revolves around an architect who decides to rebuild New York after the city was destroyed by disaster. Thus, his project, considered too innovative and futuristic, will be thwarted by the city’s political leaders. The cast is full of outstanding performers, including Adam Driver, Forest Whitaker, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jo Voight, Laurence Fishburne, Aubrey PlazaShia LaBeouf, Jason Schwartzman, Grace Vanderwaal, Katherine Hunter, Talia Shire Dustin Hoffman, D. B. Sweeney AND Giancarlo Spposito.

Waiting to see the last effort Coppola in the cinema – the director has yet to sign the film’s distribution agreement – however we can get a preview of another great director’s opinion: Spike Lee. Director Do the right things in fact, he shared an Instagram post in which he, along with Coppola and showed what he was looking through the first 30 minutes of Megapolis. Lee he traveled to Atlanta from New York to meet him, and the director of Apocalypse Now signed several posters and books of his films, and also decided to show him exclusively a few minutes of his next film.

The words Leethe director is delighted with what he saw, calling “Fantastic” movie:

“Just spent the day with one of my cinematic fathers… the great Francie Ford Coppola. This morning I flew from New York to hot Atlanta. Francis was kind enough to sign a bunch of The Godfather 1 and The Godfather 2 posters for me. But the crazy thing is that Francis showed me exclusively 30 minutes of his new work “Megapolis”. Oh my God! Fantastic. Thank you very much, Francis!”

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