Franco Armani representative responds to rumors of interest in Inter Miami

Franco Armani joins Messi’s Inter Miami? The River Plate goalkeeper’s representative admitted there were rumors (REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian)

The transfer market continues bed There was considerable movement. Along with arriving players as well as those who may immigrate. Aside from the possibility of the scorer leaving, Lucas Beltranthere are rumors that link Franco Armani With Major League Soccer, or more specifically with the team where he shined Lionel Messi.

Representative of the archers, Martin ArauzDetails were given on the possibility of one of the pillars of the team led by Martin Demichelis leaving Nunez and joining the ranks. international miami Director Geraldo dad Martino. “Franco, I always say this and he always says this, he is very comfortable in the position he is in, in the moment he comes in and becomes captain, but we are always trying to find the right fit for everyone. All are favorable circumstances,” the agent said in a conversation with the show beautiful moment (Radio La Red AM 910).

“Honestly, there are rumors about Inter, but nothing yet… But I can’t say no to you in the future. We’ll see what happens. If there are rumors, there is a reason. “I want to make it clear that in this situation he is not even answering my calls because he is focused on what he has to do now (Copa Libertadores),” Arauz continued with journalist Marcelo Palacio Si dialogue.Currently, no discovery has been made dad Martino looking for replacement as Inter goalkeeper Derek Callender.

On the other hand, also representing the Colombian team Rafael Santos Borre Talk about the striker who retains the Eintracht Frankfurt jersey “Always try to get back to the river”.The coffee grower who had his moment of glory with the red band, which sounds like Possible replacement for Beltranif the transfer to Florence, Italy is completed.

Raphael Santos Bore is playing for Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany but wants more playing time and River Plate is always an attraction (Reuters/Kay Pfaffenbach)

“Because of the relationship, his time at River touched him a lot. He and his wife both experienced important things. He still keeps the photo of him with the Madrid Cup. River Plate will always be on Rafa’s radar. He is a born winner who understands the situation and the moment. He is looking for more playing time and we discussed this with the German club. He also wants to respect his moment with the national team. We have a lot of talks going on. This would be a good opportunity to give him playing time. “She was expecting her second child and saw an opportunity,” Arauz concluded.

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