Franco Jara won’t play with Belgrano at start of League Cup

When the traveler’s list for Junin was announced, it was surprising that the players Franco Jara and Eric Godoy They are not on the list. The club then reported on the striker: “He suffered a muscular discomfort during training this morning (Wednesday), so he will not be able to participate in the next Copa Argentina match.”

The tip would have resulted in a torn soleus muscle, which would have required him at least 21 days to fully recover, and if that time was not shortened (which is unlikely), he would be out of action in the Pro League Cup. On the weekend of August 20th, at the Gigante de Alberdi Stadium against the Estudiantes de La Plata.

For his part, there’s no explanation as to why the center marker wasn’t drafted, but he’s likely to miss the game with a muscle strain, and he’ll need a few days to get back in shape. In this way, the defender is betting that he will be able to reach the full capacity at the start of the cup and thus enter the starting 11 players.

Lucas Passerini Belgrano

Who continues to perform differentiating tasks Mathias “El Caco” Garcia. Tendonitis affected him late in the game, making it so difficult for him to return to action that he hasn’t played in more than three months. The most optimistic think that with a mini-pre-season he can play in the cups and now he’s on a special mission and counting on his daily progress to know when he’ll be back.

finally the boys Mathias MorenoHe did not travel to Junin due to gastroenteritis that forced him to be hospitalized and has since been released, while Facundo RencioniIf you sprain your ankle, you need to wait two weeks for full recovery.

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