Franco Zapiola undergoes surgery, good news for him and students

For this reason, the midfielder underwent surgery, which the club’s medical staff ordered to be carried out today, in order to be able to solve the problem as soon as possible, not to allow the situation to remain tense and to allow the player to feel comfortable in the first game. position and can then be returned to be considered by the second DT.

Following the surgery, he now only has two weeks of recovery time before he can return to the command of Eduardo Dominguez. That said, with 11 casualties, this is good news for the coaching staff.

“College Student 2023” by Franco Zapiola

  • Games played: 19.
  • Pro League: 9 PJ.
  • La Liga Cup: 2 PJ.
  • Argentina Cup: 2 PJ.
  • Copa Sudamericana: 6 PJ.
  • Number of assists: 3.

11 Estudiantes players injured

  • Pablo Piatti: Torn ligament in left knee. It won’t compete until 2024.
  • Gonzalo Pinheiro: Plantar fasciitis. Since May 8, he has not been able to concentrate.
  • Fabricio Jakovic: Avulsion fracture of the fourth metatarsal in his left foot.
  • Javier Altamirano: Grade 1 muscle injury to his right biceps femoris.
  • Franco Zappiola: Although he was not injured, he suffered from tonsil cellulitis. They are open on Thursdays.
  • Leonardo Godoy: Grade 1 sprain of the medial ligament in his right knee.
  • Mauro Boselli: Grade 1 muscle injury to the soleus muscle of the left leg.
  • Luciano Lollo: Picture showing vaginal pain. She was out of the last game.
  • Deian VerĂ³n: He was left out of the last two episodes due to back pain.
  • Guido Carrillo: He felt unwell and studies confirmed muscle damage in the hamstring.
  • Zaid Romero: Tear in practice on Monday. It comes from a sprained ankle. He has not played since July 8.


Franco Zapiola plays for Estudiantes against Union for the Serie A Cup title

Franco Zapiola plays for Estudiantes against Union for the Serie A Cup title


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