Franz Rogowski, Giorgio Wrights and Racist Europe in the 1930s

MILAN – Yes, it will be at the Venice Film Festival: Giorgio Rights brings a new film to the Lido, Ljubo, his fifth work in eighteen years, which is a transposition Sower, or a novel signed by Mario Cavatore, published in Italy by Einaudi. Director, winner of the David di Donatello Award for i wanted to hidethis time he returned to the past, to the history of tolerance and indifference. “It was a nice journey through time, between beautiful faces and places, and also a bit nomadic, like Lubo, the protagonist.” Rights explained. “We traveled between Switzerland and Italy, following in his footsteps and his suffering, through the struggle and recklessness of man in search of justice and a new life. A great teamwork was crowned with success thanks to the determination and enthusiasm of the manufacturing companies, as well as the artistic and professional staff…”.

Giorgio Rights and Valentina Belle on the set of the film. Photo by Francesca Scorzoni

But let’s go in order: what are we talking about Ljubo? The action takes place in the winter of 1939 and tells the story of Ljubo Moser, a young Yenish (nomadic nationality) drafted by the Swiss army to defend the borders. There, his cousin joins him and tells that the gendarmes took his children away from their parents, because they were the children of nomads, gypsies. So says the national re-education program of Kinder der Landstrasse, a eugenics-based organization that spread across Europe in the 1930s. Lubo’s revenge will have unexpected consequences, forcing us to rethink the blurred lines between good and evil. In the role of the main character Franz Rogowski, already assessed as a Nazi villain in Freaks Gabriele Mainetti, but especially beloved (very) by us in disco boy (here is our review) Giacomo Abbruzzese and soon in Passages Ira Sachs.

Scene from Ljubo
Another scene from Lubo

In addition to him, the cast also includes Christophe Sermet, Valentina Belle, Noemi Besedes, Cecilia Steiner and Massimiliano Caprara. The story was written by Rights, Fredo Valla and Tanya Pedroni, and the script was signed by the director with Valla. However, the technical staff includes Benjamin Mayer as a photographer, Giancarlo Basili in set design and Ursula Paczak in costumes. The soundtrack will be signed by Marco Biscarini, along with Wright always, since 2005, from The wind makes circles. Produced by the very active Indiana we’ve seen in recent months. Forgot Rocco Papaleo, Romantic Pilar Fogliati and Last night of love Andrea Di Stefano – The film will be in theaters from 01 Distribution and will compete in Venice…

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