Free hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS and syphilis testing at health centers and general hospitals

Tijuana, August 16, 2023. – As part of the timely detection and treatment of patients with Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS and SyphilisThe Baja California Department of Health provides rapid testing to the community at health centers and general hospitals in the Baja California coastal region.

Norma Olmeda, Coordinator HIV/AIDS Programexplaining that if the patient is in HIV AIDS, Immediate referral to CAPASITS or the appropriate general hospital to start free treatment.

In cases of syphilis, even in pregnant women, the health center can provide treatment, care for them immediately, and at the same time, Hepatitis “C” also known as CAPASITS, And general hospitals.

It’s worth mentioning that, in addition, the program’s staff maintains permanent prevention days and has an agenda in place at more than 80 rehab centers to allow for timely detection of these conditions.

if detected Hepatitis C”, Since they are mainly injecting drug users, which is one of the most common modes of transmission, they tend to relapse in rehab.

These individuals can find and receive treatment with the assurance that they follow their doctor’s instructions and recover fully with positive outcomes within about three months.

The rapid test is as simple as taking a small blood sample from a finger and giving results within minutes. When a positive case is detected, the second most comprehensive test will be done and treatment will begin.

Patients are also provided with extensive explanations about the disease and its treatment, as well as counseling to ensure they complete treatment until full recovery.

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