Freeride South America Hosts Largest Race Ever

A historic day for the 2023 Freestyle Tour of South America comes this weekend at the heart of the Colorado Mountains with 110 athletes in the Junior and Senior categories.

The race on the “Chanchito” cross-country piste descent in the “Cono Oeste” area is by far the largest and most popular in the area, with the best snow conditions for all activities. Freestyle Skiing World Qualifier Tour of South America Freestyle Skiing World Tour, with the assistance of hundreds of spectators, watch the riders line up the mountain.

It was a double appointment, in the morning FSA hosted 51 junior athletes (5 to 18 years old) who performed tricks and jumps, making it clear that they were new commitments in skiing and snowboarding, highlighting references already present in skiing, Clemente Cuadra, 9 years old.

Thus, in the U15-18 men’s ski category, the podium was American Townsend Reed, followed by Anders Soyland and Harrison Trufan ( Harrison Trufan). In the men’s snowboard category, the podium was led by Ángel Santiago Garat, followed by Luca Correa and Tomás Fluxa.

In the women’s competition, in the U15-18 skiing event, Amalia Ruiz defeated her competitors Nicole Fernandez and Antonia Vargas to finish second and third respectively. In terms of snowboarding, Montserrat Pérez Novoa once again topped the snowboarding category.

After the junior championships, the second adult race of the 2023 Tour de France began with 59 entries, showing a level of performance that is one of the highest in Chilean freestyle skiing for many years.

Argentine Manuela Roncallo — winner of two races at the 2022 Tour of Argentina — topped the women’s ski with a score of 31.23, followed by Argosti Agostina Vietti (30.13) and Sydney Ricketts (28.87). Finishing fourth was Chilean Olympian Dominique Ohaco, an expert on slope skills.

In women’s snowboarding, Chilean player Macarena Bravo (Macarena Bravo) once again refreshed her good results and won the first place. She finished second at 25.93 in both her last race at La Palma and this Saturday, making her one of the leading candidates to retain today’s national Isidora Assler title one. Rounding out the podium were Kiana Putman (25.63) and Ashley Epis (24.63).

Tensions build with incredible skill and a very high level in the men’s ski competition. With a huge backflip, national athlete Santiago Aparicio took first place again, followed by South American runner-up Argentine Ignacio Bertona. Rounding out the podium was Argentinian Dante Ginaca, who won the 2022 Cerro Bayo race.

Finally, in the men’s snowboard competition, Argentine Juan Tadeo Leslie (Juan Tadeo Leslie) continued to lead, and he easily won the first place with his impeccable style and pedigree.

With that, the historic days of Freeride South America come to an end, and the race will be recorded as one of the most important in the organization’s history. Next up in the 2023 Tour de France is Las Lenhas, Argentina, the icon of cross-country racing, which is hosting the race again after a 10-year hiatus.

In the junior division, the winners of each division will qualify for the continental finals in the United States, while the top two senior divisions in each division will qualify for the World Championship Qualifying Finals.

Additionally, this year, in an unprecedented technical effort, all Freeride South America dates will be broadcast live. All official information about the dates can be found on their social networks.

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