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Notorious Pictures has released the official Italian trailer room of wonders ,the book of wonders), a French film directed by Lisa Azuelos, starring Alexandra Lamy, Olga Kurylenko, María Fernanda Cândido, Muriel Robin, I Hadera, Rafi Pitts, Xavier Lacaille and Martine Schumacher.

at the release of the film italian cinema hall scheduled for next July 13,

room of wonders: Plot of French drama film arriving in Italy in July

The Room of Wonders -

Thelma (Alexandra Lammy) is a working mom whose life turns upside down on her The twelve-year-old son, Luis (Hugo Questel), is hit by a van one morning and falls into a deep coma., woman, then succeed Find Secret Wish List ,10 things to do before the end of the world” that the child wrote in his diary, and thus explores his adventurous and creative side. Thelma hopes to help get Louis out of his coma. He decides to fulfill all her wishes, Traveling through Portugal and arriving in Japan, Thelma embarks on a path that gives her new reasons to live and reconnect with her son.

You can watch the thrilling trailer below room of wondersFilm distributed by Notorious Pictures.

The director is Lisa Azuelos, a renowned French director and screenwriter, lol – time for loveThe 2008 film, starring Christa Therriet and Sophie Marceau crazy about my best friend (2010), a film that instead sees an international cast that includes legendary American singer and actress Miley Cyrus, as well as Demi Moore, Douglas Booth, Ashley Greene, and Ashley Hinshaw.

we remind you room of wonders Coming to cinemas in Italy on 13 July, distributed by Notorious Pictures. The film was released in France on 15 March.

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