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Fresh information on loot, its contents and the new biome in the MMORPG Camelot Unchained

The developers of Camelot Unchained told how the loot acquisition will be implemented in the game. It will drop out in the form of various consumables. This move should spur players to craft. “Whether it’s treasure chests, crates, boxes, or bags, any content that falls to the ground or is found around the world will have one thing in common – you will never throw your weapon away! The point of this game is not to go into dungeons for ready-made equipment, but we want there to be materials and rare resources from which you want to make equipment and prevent other kingdoms from obtaining it. “The team is also actively working on the new Coastal Lowland biome. Camelot Unchained is a multiplayer RPG set in a medieval setting. The game world is created based on the legends of King Arthur, Norse, and Irish mythology. Now the project is in the closed beta stage. You can buy access on the official website. Developed for PC.

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