Frida Bollani Magoni at the Concert Festival delle Collin, The Last Magic

Frida Bollani Magoni descends the Poggio a Caiano for the closing of the Festival delle Colli 2023. The young pianist will indeed join the concert in the Gardens of the Bonistolo Church on Monday, July 24, for the final appointment of the 43rd edition (ticket price 12 euros), this year again directed by Gianni Bianchi and organized by the Poggio a Caiano municipality in collaboration with the municipalities of Prato and Carmignano, Tus. With the Directorate of Regional Museums of the Cani Region and Tuscany.

Eighteen years old and the daughter of Art, born of the union of Petra Magoni and Stefano Bollani, Frida is establishing herself among the most mature and astonishing pianists on the international scene, with her performances that have gone viral on the web and the debut album “Primo Tour” that has definitely imposed her attention on the general public. Abhishek is also given by his artistic versatility (in addition to piano and voice, he does not disdain guitar and harmonica) and engages in a tracklist that summarizes his origins and his musical interests, which were shared with his parents (such as Lucio Dalla, Leonard Cohen, Franco Battiato), from Ariana Grande to Britney Spears to interest in the songs and music of his generation. All reinterpreted what was already his one unmistakable identity: an extraordinary ability to take possession of notes and return them with other meanings, tying other emotions to them, giving them new and unexpected life.

Frida Bollani Magoni’s bequest, as mentioned, will be the last concert of a bill that, in recent weeks, has featured international artists such as Michael McDermott, Scarlett Rivera and Daniel Norgren, as well as Meg, Marco Parente, Extralisio, Jacopo Fagioli, as well as finalist groups of the Sound Bridge Contest, a music competition organized by the Festival delle Colli and a singer-songwriter from Salento. Frisari has won the award and moved to Milan to perform at the Live Stage Festival in Sarje Vow (one of the major European music festivals) in the next few days from 28 to 30 July. Frisari will be accompanied by a delegation from the festival itself, which will bear the cost of travel and accommodation.

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