Frida Sofía Responds to Her Mother Alejandra Guzmán That “She Yearns to Hug Her”

Frida sofia guzman

The young woman says that “she never left” and that it is time to “be happy.”

Frida Sofía has already responded to the request of her mother Alejandra Guzmán, and assures that ‘she has never left’, and with her words, a possible reconciliation between mother and daughter is increasingly closer.

Frida declared in relation to what Alejandra had said on a television program, that she missed her and longed to hug her because it was ‘blood of her blood’.

The young woman said: “I hope one day, seriously, she wants to hug me, she knows where I am. She knows that I will always love her, but it is also my turn to love myself. I have always been with open arms, I have lived in the same apartment that she gave me, thank you, thank you very much for this home that I value with all my soul, but she has never been.

Frida Sofía added: “She wants to hug me and asks me to come back, but I never left, I didn’t go anywhere. I think it is time to be happy ”.

Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter also clarified that her mother stopped giving her money since she starred on the cover of a men’s magazine. Since then, with the money she earned, she supports herself and also invested her money, becoming a businesswoman.


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