Friends 2023 Evening, who are the judges and when the first episode is aired

The judges of the Amici di Maria De Filippi evening change. As for the 2022-2023 edition of Amici on Canale 5, the jury will include Cristiano Malgioglio, Michele Bravi, Giuseppe Giofrè. The unprecedented trio replaces the previous team of jurors with Stefano De Martino, Emanuele Filiberto Di Savoia and Stash. The preview is official. The production of the program itself made it known thanks to some video announcements on the Witty TV website.

Who are the judges of Amici Serale 2023

After the role as a judge in the cast of Such and which show, Malgioglio will also have to evaluate how the competitors admitted to this year’s Evening Party will sing and dance. The reference goes to the new performances of the singers and dancers still competing for this twenty-second edition. These new performances will be broadcast on Canale 5 from the first episode on Saturday 18 March 2023.

Among the names is Cristiano Malgioglio

With over fifty years of career achieved, ‘Malgy’ has collaborated with the biggest names in Italian music. He is in fact the author of famous texts including ‘Ancora, ancora, ancora’ by Mina, ‘Testarda Io’ by Iva Zanicchi, ‘Forte forte forte’ by Raffaella Carrà. Eclectic, ironic and original singer-songwriter, he has always fought against stereotypes, establishing himself as a singer, free artist and television personality.

Michele Bravi is also arriving for this year

As anticipated, to evaluate the new mostly singing performances, in this umpteenth cycle of evening episodes of Amici with Maria De Filippi, will also be Bravi. Among the most popular songwriters of his generation, poetic, refined, intense, constantly evolving, the winner of X Factor 7 (2013 edition) has also been defined by Massimo Recalcati as ‘a profound artist and a person who resembles light’. The young singer de The error diary he can also count on numerous gold and platinum certifications, while his video clips have reached more than one hundred and forty million views.

Giuseppe Giofrè new judge at Amici 22

Last but not least, the arrival of Giofrè at Amici 22 as a new judge. Winner for dance in the 2012 edition of Amici, the dancer and choreographer takes on the role of evening juror for the first time ever. Pride of Maria De Filippi’s school of talents, he danced and still dances for many international stars. Among the top names, there are also those of Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Dua Lipa and many others.

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