Friends: do any of you remember the “Ben’s”, “Emma”, “Frank Jr. Jr.,” and the short “I”? So, look at it now!


The the series ” Friends it has become famous thanks to the story of the incredible friendship between six friends, played by Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry.

Without a doubt, the players are given a particular personality to each and every one of her characters that even today you are able to captivate millions of fans all over the world.

But the story is also told with a the numerous secondary actors and extras, including children they represent the passing of time, it’s a whole new generation.

Well, look at all the children who took part in the Friends

The first of these was the “Ben,” the son of “Ross”, and his lesbian ex-wife “Carol”. During the 10-year right through the series, we’ve seen two of the actors who have famously played the character as a child. But the one that stole the eye and the heart, it was Ben, 9-year-old who had previously been a naughty boy.

Cole Sprouse he was the one responsible for giving life to this character, and this is still true today in the work through other groups such as Los angeles. It’s amazing to see this young blonde should be a handsome actor, 27-year-old, with dark hair.

Emma, the daughter of Ross and Rachel

Recently we had news of it, when it is in January of 2020 first appeared in response to a dialogue of “I”. “Emma,” I slept for the rest of your first year, it’s the most comical of the friends you’ve recorded a video in which it announced that it was already in 2020, that is, if you were still sleeping in their beds.

They were in the twins Noelle and Cali Sheldon, and those who played the role of a ” sweet “Emma”her “Rachel” and “Ross”. Today, the sisters are 18 years old and you are a beautiful, young, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

The children of Phoebe and her brother, Frank

One of the most contentious issues has been the child Phoebe subrogado, who made the body for his brother, so that gestara their children.

The triplets appear twice in the series. When you are born, and then, with a few of the boys too hard. “Frank, Jr, Jr”, “Leslie”, and “I” they were played by two sets of actors, as explained in the the site for Rock and Pop. The the brothers are quadruplets, Alexis, Cole, Justin, and Paul Cimoch took turns being the baby.

In season 10 Dante Pastula (Frank Jr Jr), Sierra Marcoux (Usa), and Allisyn Ashley Arm (to the Public) guys doing crazy things at a famous coffee shop, Central Perk.

Dante it has been dedicated to the practice and has 20 years of age. Mountain he enlisted in the navy, the National, and therefore does not have the social networks and Allisyn it is a beautiful model and actress of the movie and the series.

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