Friends, Jennifer Aniston reveals that a very famous actor sends her a bouquet of roses every year on Mother’s Day: the reason

jennifer aniston is one of the most popular and respected actresses of all time. Her beauty seems to have no time, but she never had enough success in life: the dream of creating a family haunted and haunted her at times throughout her career.

When it seemed that she was close to pregnancy, the actress suddenly found with bitterness that she had to give up. She never hid that this shortcoming was an irreplaceable void for her. To the extent that my colleague and historical friend, Adams Sandlerdelivers to aniston a bouquet of roses, punctually, for every Mother’s Day.

First meeting between jennifer AND Adamsthe main characters of films known as Secret murder AND My fake wife began a few years before the start of their working relationship. And as a token of their friendship, every year the actor and his wife Jackie they take care of their friend by making her speak up.

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