Friends of 2023, the name of who will replace Raimondo Todaro pops up: the public is delirious!

Friends 2023 Raimondo Todaro
Friends 2023 Raimondo Todaro

There are a lot of rumors going around at Amici 2023 that follow one after the other. In fact, it looks like Raimondo Todaro will not be one of the Amici 2023 professors. The name of a person who could take his place appears, and the audience is literally distraught with joy. What are we talking about?

Why can’t Raimondo Todaro be confirmed?

Last year, Todaro was involved in a real conflict with the owner of the apartment, Maria De Filippi. During the evening’s episode, a Latin dance professor criticized Rudy Zerby for putting singer Angelina Mango, Alessio’s student, up for a vote. Angelina has always been considered a possible talent show winner, so Raimondo didn’t see the challenge as fair.

The controversy started by Todaro did not please De Filippi, who ironically asked him: “If you think that Angelina is already a winner, why don’t you just give her the cup? Why are we here, what are we doing? The fight was ultimately not televised. Despite the censorship, it seems that the atmosphere between host and dancer has remained hostile.

Who can take his place at Amici 2023?

Can Giuseppe Giofre replace Raimondo Todaro at Amici? This is a rumor that has recently spread, also finding the support of gossip expert Amedeo Venza.

Maria is more and more considering replacing him and seems to be focusing on one of her “pupils”, namely the dancer Giuseppe Giofre, who acted as a judge during the evening on the latest edition of Amici.

It should be emphasized that Joseph has a very deep connection with Mary, to the point that he considers her to be a secondary maternal figure. In fact, the dancer owes his career to her, her participation in and victory in the talent show in 2011. From that moment, Jofre was able to make the jump to America and dance with music icons around the world such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez. and Ariana Grande.

Obviously, nothing is known yet, so we will have to wait for certain news, which will arrive only at the beginning of September.

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