Friends on Vacation 2 Action Comedy starring John Cena on Disney+

Disney+ is one of the most used platforms in the world, bringing together the many films, series, documentaries and animated series that are part of the Disney Film Company, as well as all the products it has purchased over the years. In addition to content from the Walt Disney Company, we also find others included in the franchises of Star Wars, Marvel, Fox and many others, and among them there are also films dedicated to the whole family. Among the latest additions to the Disney+ catalog, we note a new action comedy. Friends on vacation 2.

Holiday friends 2John Cena movie available on Disney+

From August 25, 2023 holiday friends 2 movie, the sequel to the 2021 film, which sees John Cena return to the screen along with a cast consisting of Lil Rel Howry, Yvonne Orji, Meredith Hagner and new co-stars Carlos Santos, Ronnie Chieng, Jamie Hector and Steve Buscemi. The action takes place several months after the events holiday friends and sees newlyweds Marcus and Emily invite their friends Ron and Kayla to join them on vacation with their baby. The choice was made because Marcus was given a completely free all-inclusive trip to a Caribbean resort and his goal is to meet with the resort’s owners to offer a contract deal to build their chain’s hotel in Chicago. But right during the trip, Reese, Kayla’s prisoner father, is released from San Quentin and shows up right at the resort at a very important moment, ruins everything, changes Marcus’ plans and turns a trip with friends into a moment of complete chaos. .

The 20th Century Fox comedy is distributed in the US on Hulu and in Latin America on Star+. John Cena, WWA Champion, once again showed that he is familiar on camera and can try his hand at comic roles, as happened in the first chapter of the saga, where Marcus and Emily became friends with Ron and Kayla. After weeks of fun, the first couple is left speechless when Ron and Kayla show up uninvited to their wedding, proving that what happens on vacation doesn’t always stay there and can create problems right at the happiest moment of their lives. couples.

Recently, John Cena also made a cameo appearance in the film. Barbie Greta Garwig, where he played an alternate version of Ken. In fact, the actor played Ken Triton, who was the aquatic counterpart to Barbie the Mermaid, played by singer Dua Lipa.

Since 2006, John Cena has been dividing his career between the WWE Champion and an actor starring in films such as legendary, Fast & Furious 9 – Fast Saga, Quick X, Suicide Squad – Suicide Mission and many others also show a chameleon talent for playing different roles while retaining the innate liking that has always distinguished him.

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