Friends, the least funny character in the director’s opinion. video

Director James Burroughsdirected many episodes Friendspublished memoirs in which he revealed jokes and behind the scenes a successful series that has become a cult favorite. Some excerpts from memoirsa year after publication, went viral as they reveal who was the main character in the castless funny actor. And perhaps many fans Friends they won’t be surprised.

Revelations from the director of “Friends”

This is not about any of the main characters. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey and their live performers were equally brilliant, the director emphasized. According to him, the actress who was the most difficult to work with was Helen Baxendaleor Emily who became engaged (and married) to Ross between seasons four and five. The one he’s from he says the name on the altar wrongsaying instead Rachel. An unforgettable scene.

Difficulties filming with Emily

“The problem is that it wasn’t funny“- Burroughs wrote in the book. “Sure, she was cute, but in sitcoms and any romantic comedies, funny is just as important as chemistry.” Chemistry that the actor didn’t like David Schwimmer, Ross series. “He wasn’t good as a comic relief. It was like clapping with one hand. You need someone who makes you laugh. It just didn’t work.”

Even in the hearts of fans, Emily’s character did not gain authority. Compare with Rachel/Jennifer AnistonI must say, it was really difficult…


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