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Also Gucci makes it a real element of style, bringing it into one an even more complete and important version in a variety of haircuts, from those that wink to the past, such as bowl cuts to bobs and long straight hair.

Among them, the most popular version of fringe on the catwalks of the next season was bangs.Japanese “hime neckline” proposed by Gucci.

GucciVictor VIRGIL/Getty Images

The hime haircut (pronounced hee-me) is a hairstyle based on Japanese traditions and royal traditions. It is said to have its origins in a coming-of-age ceremony known as bingsogi, in which royal women cut their ear-length hair at the age of 20. It was a court style among noble women during the Heian period, and the word Hime translates as princess or lady of high birth.

The same music from Givenchywhich again draws attention to haircuts borrowed from the rock scene of the seventies and eighties, such as the mullet or its modern version, the wolf cut, innervated by typical shaggy elements, complemented thin bangs touch your gaze. Maxi-bang mania is also from Paco Rabannewhich offers it in a layered version, ready to frame your face.

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