Frisona Espaola Magazine Now Available n 256

Corresponding to July and August 2023

Friesland, SpainThe magazine of the Spanish Confederation of Frisian Associations (CONAFE) has published Version number 256corresponding to the month July and August 2023our staff and subscribers will receive it in the next few days.

In addition to the usual pages dedicated to industry newsthis issue includes Report About CONAFE’s 17 prep schools and 40 livestock referee schools, and about visiting Jimenez Brothers, a farm from Avila that is a model of efficiency and innovation that has taught us how it works.We also include the following relations part of 43rd National Frisian Breed Competition CONAFE 2023.

about content countries african union, reports the summary of the CONAFE 2022 report. We also have a page dedicated to the Pérez SC cattle farm, one of the cattle farms awarded the title of Master Breeder in 2022. In addition, we include information on Gold Medal Cows, Star Cows and the Lifetime Crafting Club.

in the following sections genetics We publish the CONAFE/MACE test and evaluation of the best genomic heifers under 30 months of age.

on our page qualification You can see EX and MB eligible animals during May and June 2023.

we also continue to pedicure corner Article “Using Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Foot Health. Part 1: Extra Help Controlling Claudication”, signed Marc Pineda.

In addition, we published two interesting technical article Information about coronaviruses as an important cause of pneumonia in calves and about keeping calves in groups.

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