From 8 to 16 July in Foro Italico

Nine days of tournament and 134 matches for the most anticipated paddle tournament of the season. From the qualifiers on Saturday 8 July to the final on Sunday 16 July, the seven areas of the Foro Italico will host a new edition of the BNL Italy Major Premier Paddle, one of the world’s four major paddle tournaments alongside Doha, Paris and Venice. Monterrey, head of an increasingly large and important circuit.

“Last year we defined this tournament as a bet”, Vito Cozzoli, President and CEO of Sport e Salute, announced at the press conference, “Today it is a won bet.” According to experts, beyond the numbers, it was the most beautiful stage of the world circuit and not only for the location of the Foro Italico, but above all for the passion of the public it was able to draw the players. Paddle sports are the perfect example of practice turning itself into excellence of great champions. The tournament will once again receive good viewership this year, as confirmed by Angelo Binaghi, President of FITP: «The response from the tournament is excellent, expectations are rising and pre-sales are also on the rise, up 70% year-on-year Has been Year. Over 10,000 tickets have been sold.”

A new formula for paddle tournaments arrived in Rome: “three versus three, the one who makes the fewest mistakes wins”.


Also this year the best paddlers in the world will arrive at the Foro Italico. Once the injury heals, Juan Lebron will return straight to Rome to team up with Alejandro Galan. Behind the highly anticipated Spanish pair, will be the ‘superpibes’: Franco Stupacczuk and Martin Di Nino of Argentina, winners of Doha’s Premier Paddle and the Barcelo Valladolid Master, where they left behind the ‘golden boys’ of the time. Arturo Coelho and Agustin Tapia. It will also feature the all-time great Fernando Belasteguin, who at the age of 44 will be paired with Miguel Yanguas. The women’s entry list is also top-notch, led by three formidable pairs: Ariana Sánchez-Paula Josemaria, Gemma Trio-Marta Ortega and Delfina Brea-Beatriz González.

Many Italians are engaged in the capital. Marco Casetta will team up with Simone Cremona, while in the women’s draw, Giulia Succarello will team up with Emily Stellato. The pairing of Chiara Pappasena and Giorgia Marchetti is also awaited. Roman, born 1995, Marchetti is one of the players of the moment, as evidenced by the historic gold medal in Krakow with Carolina Orsi. Orci will be in the opening row of the tournament alongside Spaniard Patricia Lagun.

other upcoming events

To further enrich the program, during the tournament, a Promise FIP tournament will be held – the junior tournament reserved for under-18s (from 13 to 16 July) – and the first edition of the Master of the Paddle trophy FIT circuit Kinder Joy transfer (July 14-15). BNL Italy Major Premier Paddle will also, as it does during Italian international matches, have its own area dedicated to play and interaction: the Paddle Experience Area. The area will have amateur tournaments and group lessons for each level of the game, instructed by federal teachers.

where to watch it

The Rome Major will be broadcast live exclusively by Sky Sport, with Supertennis reserving a daily slot of its schedule (between 1.15pm and 5pm). The tournament will also be seen streaming on the Skygo app.

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